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eCommerce in Germany


Germany stands as a powerhouse in the European eCommerce landscape, marked by its dynamic market and tech-savvy consumer base. As the largest economy in the European Union, Germany’s eCommerce sector continues to grow and innovate, driven by a blend of traditional retail strengths and cutting-edge digital advancements.

Berlin, the largest city in the EU, not only serves as the political and cultural heart of Germany, but also a significant hub for eCommerce. With over 3.7 million inhabitants, Berlin’s size and connectivity, boasting more bridges than Venice, highlights its importance in the digital economy.

Germany’s eCommerce sector is a thriving ecosystem driven by high internet penetration, significant consumer spending, and the dominance of key players such as Amazon.


83.28 million

Internet users:


Average annual salary:


Average annual spend:


German B2C e-commerce in 2022:

€84.5 billion in revenue

Sources: Datareportal, Statista, Expatica, Deutschepost, Taxology

Top Shopping Categories in Germany

Top Online Marketplaces:

eCommerce in Germany
eCommerce in Germany
eCommerce in Germany
eCommerce in Germany
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eCommerce in Germany
eCommerce in Germany

Did you know?

  • 93% of German consumers have shopped online in the last year

  • 66% of online shoppers say they have used their phone to make purchases
  • dominates Germany’s eCommerce industry, with exceptional eCommerce net sales of US$18,556 million annually.

Eco-Conscious Consumers

  • According to a Trusted Shops survey, 86% of customers prefer to use carbon neutral services.
  • One in five shoppers in Germany said they would pay extra for greener shipping.
  • is currently the largest “green” marketplace in the German eCommerce market which is visited by over a million users per month.

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