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Fast facts:

eCommerce in Australia and New Zealand

Australia is the 10th biggest eCommerce market in the world, with neighbouring New Zealand creeping in at number 40. As fellow English-speaking nations with a large population of British expats and ancestors, we already have a special relationship with our Pacific cousins – in 2020, UK-Australia trade was worth $13.9 billion, while UK-New Zealand trade reached $2.2billion.

This will soon be bolstered by free trade deals that will enable UK businesses to sell British goods to Australia and New Zealand tariff-free (the UK-Australia free trade deal was agreed in June 2021, while a similar deal is expected to be reached with New Zealand in August), so expanding into these two countries should be high on the radar of UK retailers, especially after the challenges and frustrations of Brexit.

Size of eCommerce markets:

Australia £27.3bn, New Zealand £5bn

Statista, 2020

Growth rate



New Zealand


Statista, 2020


Australia 25.3 million,
New Zealand 
4.9 million
(World Bank, 2019)

Internet users:

87% (World Bank, 2019)

eCommerce spend:

Australia $50 billion, New Zealand $3 billion
(Salesforce, 2020)

Key product categories:

Fashion, Food, Personal Care, Toys and Hobbies, Electronics and Appliances (eCommerceDB, 2020)

Median age:

Australia 37, New Zealand 38
(Worldometer, 2020)

Employment rate:



New Zealand


TheGlobalEconomy, 2020

Average income per adult



New Zealand


Worddata.info, 2019

Top marketplaces

Delivering to Australia and New Zealand


see Australia Post as the only credible option for parcel delivery (APG, 2021)


of Australians have visited a PostOffice in the last 6 months – an average of 10 times


of all parcels in New Zealand are shipped with the 3 top providers (CourierPost, Peter Baker and New Zealand Post)

Insider tips:

  • Domestic production often doesn’t cover consumption, so consumers in Australia and New Zealand are accustomed to buying from retailers abroad
  • Australia especially is a mature eCommerce market so consumer behaviours are determined by the convenience, speed and ease of service, and half of consumers will not buy from a brand again if they have a negative experience

GFS International transit times


(2-10 days)

New Zealand

(2-11 days)

*Fastest transit time is GFS International Express Service, longest transit time is GFS International Economy.

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