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Performance Management

GFS Reportor

Review and analyse multi-carrier delivery at a glance

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performance management
performance management

Our Full Technology Suite

Analyse delivery performance across all carriers and locations

Gives you visibility of all your delivery data insights on a single dashboard

Filter against carriers, dates, countries, postcodes and many more

Drill down to specific data sets in responsive graphs and tables

Save graphs and charts as PDFs or images

About GFS Reportor

GFS Reportor pulls together delivery data across all carriers and locations to make it easy to measure and analyse delivery performance at a glance.

Monitor different criteria, such as parcel volumes, carrier performance, service frequency, geographical distribution and filter by date, carrier and location to see the exact set of data you need.

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Business Benefits

What does this mean for you?

  • Instant visibility of parcel volumes, carrier usage and delivery performance

  • Analyse and measure performance against key KPIs to simplify multi-carrier management

  • Use data insights to make informed decisions around carrier performance and spend

  • See where you can improve delivery to achieve operational targets

All your delivery data in one place

GFS Reportor gives you an at-a-glance view of delivery so you can make informed decisions around your multi-delivery strategy. The “cherry on the cake” of our Enterprise Carrier Management technology toolkit, GFS Reportor provides valuable data insights and analytics across all your Multi-carrier Delivery services to complete the cycle of true end-to-end carrier management.

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