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Invoice Management

GFS Validator

Our secret weapon to manage multi-carrier budgets – it’s what we use ourselves!

invoice on a phone illustration
invoice on a phone illustration

Our Complete Range of eCommerce Shipping Software

Simplify multi-carrier invoicing to save admin time and cost

Reconcile invoices across multiple carriers

Archive historical invoices and costing data

Download individual shipment costs and applicable surcharges

View associated costs by region, carrier or promotion

About GFS Validator

GFS Validator compares carrier invoices against your agreed tariffs to highlight any incorrect charges, inconsistencies and surcharges, so you never spend more than expected. It also helps you filter, sort or group invoice data so you can view specific cost lines. Online invoicing provides your accounts department with secure instant access to an archive of invoices and all costing data.

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Business Benefits

What does this mean for you?

  • Get full transparency of carrier spend for better budget control

  • Reduce manual processing to save time and improve accuracy

  • Pay the correct invoice amount and be confident you’re not overpaying

  • Analyse carrier spend to optimise budget

Our secret weapon to manage multi-carrier budgets – it’s what we use ourselves!

GFS Validator was designed in-house by our own finance team to keep invoicing as simple as possible. GFS offers access to 1000+ services with just one invoice and one contract, but if you prefer to manage each carrier yourself, GFS Validator makes is easier and faster to reconcile invoices across all your suppliers.

GFS Validator can be used on its own, or as part of our Enterprise Carrier Management suite. We recommend combining with GFS Selector and GFS Manager for a complete end-to-end multi-carrier delivery solution that gives you full control of your customer delivery experience.

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