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GFS Logistics

eCommerce logistics specialists

GFS Logistics offers operations and fulfilment services that act as an extension of your business

parcel and GFS logistics
parcel and GFS logistics

GFS Operations

GFS Operations is the backbone of GFS – our team of logistics experts know everything there is to know about our carriers, vehicles and transport network to make sure your delivery services run like clockwork. As professional problem-solvers, GFS Operations know how to prevent and resolve issues to help you avert risk and provide contingency so you can deliver with confidence.

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GFS Operations Services support our Multi-carrier Delivery Services by delivering:

  • Carrier Management

  • Single Collection Service

  • Capacity Planning

  • Logistics Contingency

GFS Fulfilment

Looking for a pick & pack solution?

Our fulfilment houses across the UK are equipped with state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Software for meticulous pick and pack efficiency.

With highly-trained staff, industry links to a wide range of carrier services and built-for-purpose warehousing, we go the extra mile to supply the finer touches that can make a big difference to your business and your customer.

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Specialist order fulfilment that gives you space to grow:

  • 99.97% Picking Accuracy
  • 1000+ Delivery Options
  • 320K returns drop-off locations
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GFS International Hub

GFS International Hub is where our Operations team oversees the routing, sortation and labelling of our dynamic GFS International eCommerce Services.

Each parcel is optimised using our intelligent routing software to determine the optimum carrier and service for its size, weight, value and destination. The parcel is then re-labelled and injected into the best carrier network for its journey overseas.

GFS International eCommerce Services gives you everything you need to deliver worldwide in 3 simple options.

Come and take a look at the GFS Fulfilment Warehouse!

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Take the pressure off and grow your business faster with scalable logistics and fulfilment services