Shipping Parcels to Ireland from the UK

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GFS International is your gateway to hassle-free eCommerce shipping from the UK to Ireland

In partnership with COLL-8 Logistics, who have unrivalled expertise in the Irish eCommerce market, we offer end-to-end shipping solutions for international delivery with the very best local convenience in Ireland.


UK Retailers Can Now Seamlessly Tap into Ireland’s Booming eCommerce Market

Ireland is among the Top 50 global eCommerce markets, boasting a substantial share in the worldwide growth rate that continues to escalate year after year. Ireland is the UK’s sixth largest trading partner, accounting for 5% of total UK trade*. With GFS International, UK eCommerce businesses gain a strategic advantage to captivate Irish customers right next door!

  • Simplified Customs Clearance: Clear all cross-border shipments to Ireland under a single and simple clearance process.
  • Localised Delivery for Irish Customers: Offering access to a variety of different final mile delivery services to support any required mode of delivery including to business, to home and to parcel shop.
  • Maximum Delivery Choice & Convenience: Giving customers access to the widest range of services, transit times and tracking options to support their requirements.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Real-time tracking through a single portal, GFS Seeker, provides customer service teams with full visibility through the parcel journey for faster problem resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Smooth and Convenient Returns: Make returns faster, easier and more transparent for your customers and your business with online returns via GFS Global Returns Pro and the drop2shop network offering hundreds of convenience stores across Ireland, including household names, such as Spar, Londis, Mace and XL, giving customers maximum choice and convenience to return their online purchases.

  • Daily Connections and Fast Customs Clearance: Daily linehaul from the UK takes your parcels directly to an AEO-accredited bonded warehouse in Dublin where any necessary Irish customs checks can be conducted on-site. This avoids the risk of port delays and ensures faster, smoother customs clearance into the Irish Republic.

  • Cost-Efficient Services You Can Trust: Save money with cost-effective pricing and transparent fees backed by GFS for delivery service and performance you can trust, every time.


Conquer the Irish eCommerce Frontier!

Trust GFS International for streamlined solutions that deliver results

As the Irish eCommerce landscape flourishes, now is the opportune moment for UK retailers to expand their reach and maximise your growth potential. With our comprehensive shipping solutions and unrivalled expertise in the Irish market, GFS International empowers businesses to seamlessly connect with Irish consumers, delivering convenience, reliability and satisfaction with every order.

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Unlocking the Emerald Isle for UK Businesses Looking to Ship Parcels to Ireland

Say goodbye to logistical barriers and hello to new opportunities. Let GFS International be your partner in conquering the Irish eCommerce frontier, propelling your business to new heights of success.

Overall, a one-stop-shop solution for seamless customs clearance, technology-driven innovation, reliability, cost optimisation and streamlined operations makes GFS International your most reliable and cost-efficient partner for end-to-end UK to Ireland shipping solutions.

Ready to experience success in the thriving Irish eCommerce market?