IOSS Shipping Solutions

Friction-Free Shipping to the EU


of the UK’s total exports go to the EU, the UK’s biggest trading partner*


of UK businesses have made the decision to stop or reduce trading with the EU due to Brexit border requirements and new challenges

This will likely have a huge impact on both the UK’s market as well as Europe’s, impacting sales and revenue.

*, 2021

What is IOSS?

IOSS, also known as Import One-Stop Shop, was introduced in 2021 to help simplify the collection and declaration of VAT in the EU. The electric portal will give you a single IOSS number for VAT registration in all 27 EU Member States, enabling you to pay via a single monthly payment and avoiding the end customer acquiring any unexpected charges.

Import One-Stop Shop FAQs:

Take the Hassle out of EU Shipping with IOSS

Choosing whether to use the IOSS has an impact on the delivery process. If you don’t register, extra administration is required upon import of the parcel and the customer has to pay the additional costs. So the parcel takes longer to arrive. The longer the customer waits to pay the required fees, the longer the delay.


Without IOSS

GFS International IOSS services is the perfect optimum solution for eCommerce sales up to €150

IOSS-ready services in just 3 simple options

GFS International eCommerce Services

1. IOSS Economy

2. IOSS Plus

3. IOSS Express

 Deliver with confidence to all 27 EU nations


  • GFS IOSS services in all 27 EU destinations

  • Absolutely no surcharges
  • Dynamic routing with fastest delivery

  • Paperless Trade for Fast Customs Clearance
  • Tracking throughout Customs Process
  • Choice of Fully Tracked or Untracked

  • 0 to 30kg
  • GFS IOSS services recognised by Amazon and all major Market Places 

  • Simple integration

  • Single itemised invoice

*Except for GFS International Express IOSS services

GFS International IOSS Services

Easy to use

 No need to sort or weigh individual items. Simply place your international packages in sacks, hub-boxes, or pallets, ready for collection or direct injection.

Reduces processing time and effort

Fast processing

 The customer’s international packages are processed the same day that GFS receive the item, enabling a quick injection to the final providers.

Reduces cost and offers fast transit


 Our independently monitored and audited transit times means confidence your international packages will reach their destination within the agreed delivery aims.

Peace of mind

Cost effective

 Our International services range enables competitive pricing and delivery cost optimisation.

Minimises costs

Full visibility

We use the best final-mile providers for every service in all regions for clear visibility and consistent tracking.

Eliminates stress and allows better control


On GFS International, we have no fuel surcharge*, fines, or remote area surcharges.

Saves money, no hidden ‘surprise’ costs

*Except for GFS International Express IOSS services

Everything You Need To Know For IOSS Trade In The EU

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