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Multi-channel Integration

GFS Channel Connector

Consolidate orders across your website and marketplace stores for faster despatch

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Consolidate multi-channel orders into a single stream

Consolidates orders from multiple stores and marketplaces

Automatically queues label printing and tracking through GFS Selector

Sends despatch notification and tracking directly to your customer

Works in the background so you don’t have to do a thing!

About GFS Channel Connector

GFS Channel Connector imports orders from all your sales channels to create a single flow of order traffic through a single despatch platform, GFS Selector.

Layer multiple integrations to create a bespoke solution that’s mapped exactly to your needs. This means you can print parcel labels, generate tracking data and send despatch notifications regardless of where orders come from – with just one despatch system.

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Integrates with all major marketplaces, eCommerce and mCommerce platforms including:

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Business Benefits

What does that mean for you?

  • Streamline multi-channel despatch to simplify order fulfilment

  • Boost warehouse efficiencies for faster order processing

  • Create a consistent customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

  • Easily add new sales channels to enable sales growth

A multi-channel, multi-carrier shipping platform tailored to your needs

Combine with multi-carrier labelling platform GFS Selector to deliver a completely seamless multi-channel despatch solution. With a label library of 1000+ delivery services, GFS Selector is the only software solution you need to power delivery across all carriers and sales channels – anywhere in the world.

This is part of our Enterprise Carrier Management technology toolkit which is available as a complimentary service as part of our Managed Multi-carrier Services, or alone on a licence-fee basis.

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