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Connecting multi-carrier, multi-channel delivery with technology

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Our Full Technology Suite

A new era in delivery technology

Enterprise Carrier Management offers a complete technology toolkit that enhances every stage of the delivery journey, from delivery options at the checkout, to labelling, tracking and reporting – across all carriers, countries and sales channels – through one single integration.

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1. Checkout Delivery Options

GFS Checkout with Duties & Taxes Calculator

Powerful rules-based engine to offer customers choice of delivery options, easily switch services on or off, and calculate Duties & Taxes.

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2. Multi-Channel Integration

GFS Channel Connector

Merge order data across multiple sales channels to consolidate and streamline multi-channel order fulfilment.

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3. Labelling & Despatch

GFS Selector and Expert

Print labels for 1000+ different carrier services, and automate parcel routing through one single system. GFS Selector reduces order fulfilment time by an average of 50%, is fully scalable and improves shipping accuracy and traceability.

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4. Track & Trace

GFS Seeker

Track all your shipments in one place – no matter the carrier, service or destination. This gives you complete visibility and control of all shipments, with inbuilt Actions Manager to provide instructions to resolve issues fast.

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5. Returns

GFS Global Returns Pro

Complete the customer experience loop – Using this self-service portal, customers can choose from a whole range of returns options and select the method that’s easiest and most convenient for them.

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6. Performance Management

GFS Reportor

Your own delivery dashboard that gives you a holistic view of all your shipping data, including parcel volumes, distribution across carriers, geography, carrier performance and queries.

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7. Customer Service

GFS Manager

Empower your Customer Service team to pro-actively manage parcel exceptions effectively with direct contact to carriers and consignees, to reduce inbound customer queries and delight customers.

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8. Invoice Management

GFS Validator

Automate invoice analysis and evaluate charges against expected costs across all carriers. This super smart software highlights any incorrect charges against agreed tariffs so you never spend more than you should.

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How can you use technology to drive warehouse efficiencies?

However warehouse teams are constantly under pressure to fulfil orders faster, and cheaper.

Technology can help your people work smarter not harder, so you can save time, and reduce costs.

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How can eCommerce delivery technology help you achieve your business goals?

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