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Climate change is on everyone’s minds, and a big question for the future of eCommerce is the impact of parcel distribution and delivery on global emissions. With the growth in eCommerce in the last few years, carbon emissions tied to eCommerce delivery are estimated to rise 32% by 2030.

The nature of this growth means more vans on roads and a bigger carbon footprint. eCommerce businesses may be unsure of how they can possibly reduce their environmental impact.

However, GFS is here to make it simple, whilst improving cost and operational efficiency.

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The Urgency of eCommerce Businesses ‘Going Green’

Introduce Sustainable Shipping or Risk Losing Sales

Becoming more sustainable isn’t just important for the planet, it’s important to your customers:


check a brand’s sustainability before purchasing


say sustainability is the most important factor when selecting delivery options – even more than cost and speed


say they would choose one online store over another if its environmental impact on delivery is lower

Customers want to be able to choose how they receive their parcel and that includes wanting more sustainable shipping options. eCommerce businesses must show they’re responding to stay relevant and not risk losing sales.

GFS Checkout enables you to easily offer more delivery options at checkout

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How Do I Offer an Eco-Friendly Delivery Service?

1. Go Multi-Carrier

Carriers are working to introduce more sustainable delivery options, but they are at different stages in their own sustainable journey and can’t offer all the delivery options you need. That’s why the best way to become more sustainable is to work with a multi-carrier partner.

2. Consolidate your orders

Reduce first mile costs and emissions as our GFS operations team look at consolidating multi-carrier collections into a single convenient collection.

3. Offer customers more sustainable options

GFS can give you access to the widest range of final mile green delivery options all under one roof. Plus, with state-of-the-art technology, we make it easy to offer those options at checkout.

What Sustainable Delivery Options are available with GFS?

Green delivery is a service many carriers are slowly building to comply and add to their fleet of global transportation networks. GFS’ partnership with the widest range of carriers in the UK means you have access to the available green delivery options with us:

  • Carbon Neutral Service on Single Shipment
  • Choose Electric Van Delivery
  • Parcel Shop Drop Off
  • Click and Collect Delivery
  • Increased Capacity Trailers

At, we care passionately about being sustainable and being a business for positive change. A key area for us in our sustainability journey is reducing our carbon footprint, and an important part of this process is introducing sustainable shipping. When we spoke with our GFS Account Manager about our green goals, they put together the right mix of shipping services aligned with our objective so we could initiate our steps towards sustainable delivery.

Over time, we are looking at growing our commitment and GFS has truly been the one-stop shop to access all the green delivery options available today. And that’s what we love about working with GFS – the power of choice with multiple carriers so we can continue moving forward on our wider green goals.

Reduce both CO2 and Costs

The UK government’s Net Zero strategy to fully comply with net-zero emissions by 2050 means measures need to be set in place immediately to meet the timelines and comply with carbon policies.

Through our multi-carrier access, we will continue to grow our range of sustainable shipping options, including, electric fleet to Parcel Shops, deliver zero emissions by 2025 to 25 towns and cities in the UK, etc.

With our range of green delivery options, proactive consolidation of shipments, and state-of-the-art technology to boost operational efficiency, it couldn’t be easier to go green.

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