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International Trade News:

International Trade News for June 2024

UPDATE: Deferral of Australia Biosecurity Protection Levy

Please note that the biosecurity clearance charges have now been deferred until October. More updates to follow on further confirmation.

The Australian Government is introducing a new Biosecurity Protection Levy

As part of the Australian government’s 2023-24 Sustainable Biosecurity Funding budget package, the decision to extend cost recovery to low-value goods ($1000 or less) was announced. This included additional budget funding for biosecurity and the introduction of a Biosecurity Protection levy to be applied to primary producers from 1st July 2024.

This self-assessed clearance (SAC) Cost Recovery Charge will apply to all SAC goods imported into Australia from 1st July 2024. The proposed rate is AUD0.36 per SAC and the reporting party that makes the SAC declaration in ICS will be liable to collect and pay this charge.

The SAC Charge applies to long form, short form and Cargo report SACs on both sea and air pathways.

What does this mean for you?

Starting 1st July 2024, we will be required to collect AUD0.36 for every LVG parcel shipped into Australia. This will be invoiced to you as per your normal billing cycle.

Further information and updates on the SAC Charge can be found on

If you would like support with Australia shipping, we can integrate this easily for you through our international eCommerce delivery services.

Upcoming European Events – June to September 2024

We would like to inform you about potential impacts on parcel delivery services during upcoming events in Europe.

Please take note of the following dates and details:

Euro 2024 Germany: 14 June-14 July

Temporary restrictions on match days are to be expected in all host cities: Gelsenkirchen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dortmund.

Tour de France: 29th June – 21st July

During the Tour de France, certain cities will have limited accessiblity. This may affect our ability to collect and deliver parcels in these areas. Here is the detailed list of all impacted postcodes.

Wandel4daagse Nijmegen: 16th July – 19th July

The annual walking event in Nijmegen will impact parcel collection and delivery in and around Nijmegen. For the city centre of Nijmegen, this restriction will also apply for the entire week prior to the event. For affected areas and routes, please refer to the information available on

Olympic & Paralympic Games in Paris: 24th July – 8th September

During the Paris Olympics, various streets and neighbourhoods will be closed or poorly accessible, which might cause some delays. Please see information on restricted areas:

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