eCommerce Technology and How it’s Transforming Online Selling

Technology has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers and provided many new touch points on the customer journey. No matter what industry you’re in or whether you’re running a big or small company, eCommerce technology makes customers’ lives easier and businesses that choose to adopt it are able to increase their sales, enhance customer service and boost competitiveness.

Here are 6 ways your businesses can leverage eCommerce technology:

1. Mobile commerce (mCommerce)

Mobile commerce, also referred to as M-commerce or mCommerce, is the buying and selling of online goods through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. With around 71.8 million mobile phone connections in the UK alone [1], businesses can reach customers anywhere, at any time and vice versa. But to be successful, websites must be mobile-friendly and if e-tailers want to go that extra mile, there’s even the option of creating an eCommerce app. Not only does this mean that sales can be made on the go, but with the use of an app businesses can send notifications straight to the buyer’s phone, helping to prompt purchase.

2. Personalised eCommerce delivery

eCommerce technology has helped create a range of alternative delivery options for customers to choose from, whether they need next-day delivery, a chosen slot or even click-and-collect. With almost half of shoppers abandoning their online shopping basket if they aren’t offered the choice of a shipping option that is convenient for them — choice really is the key to keeping your customers happy and sales high.

3. Global eCommerce

Why keep your online sales restricted to one country or continent when your target audience could be scattered across the globe? eCommerce technology allows you to create more brand awareness, and with a range of international shipping options available these days, it is easier than ever to create new revenue pockets in new markets.

4. Speed and ease of checkout

Even if customers don’t have an account on your website, checkout has never been easier thanks to autofill on most smartphones. As your device remembers previously used details, all customers have to do is click a field (such as, first name) and the correct information should appear. The checkout experience is the final step to completing a sale, so the key is to make it as quick, convenient and pain-free as possible.

5. Easy eCommerce return solutions

Customers must have access to different return options. With 78% of consumers considering the returns service when choosing where to shop [3], ensure that your business offers them that choice — home or workplace courier collections, drop-off points and post offices. Making a return can be easier now than ever, as many businesses have done away with printed returns labels and replaced this with a downloadable QR code!

6. eCommerce Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

AI is transforming the online customer experience through intelligent Virtual Assistants and retail Chatbots. It’s predicted that by 2025, Conversational AI technologies will account for 50% of retail spend! [2] They help to support your businesses through their ability to provide 24/7 customer assistance and personalised experiences, creating a positive impact on operational efficiencies.

How can GFS support your business with the Enterprise Carrier Management technology suite?

GFS is your one-stop shop for eCommerce multi-carrier shipping and returns. We support eCommerce businesses to keep up with technology advancements through continuous and proactive support for eCommerce deliveries, which enhances every stage of the delivery journey, from delivery options at checkout, to labelling, tracking and reporting – across all carriers, countries and sales channels – through a single integration.

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