The Role of Technology in Transforming eCommerce Logistics in 2024

The Role of Technology in Transforming eCommerce Logistics in 2024

After navigating the post-2020 challenges, inflation and a recession, UK retailers are forging ahead with resilience and optimism, with 93% of retailers expecting business growth over the next year according to a survey by Fluent Commerce. Despite this optimism, retailers face considerable challenges, including the ongoing cost of living crisis and recent supply chain disruptions.

Many UK retailers are prioritising investment in new technology. In fact, 70% of respondents plan to do so over the next five years showing the widespread recognition of technology’s pivotal role in driving growth and building resilience.

Pioneering eCommerce Technology Logistics Partner

GFS is at the forefront of integrating advanced technologies to provide a seamless logistics experience. Our comprehensive suite of tools addresses every stage of the delivery journey:

1. GFS Checkout >

This tool offers a range of delivery options at checkout, integrating a powerful duties and taxes calculator. This ensures that customers have full transparency on costs and can choose delivery options that best suit their needs.

2. Multi-Channel Integration with GFS Channel Connector >

GFS merges order data across multiple sales channels, consolidating and streamlining order fulfilment. This integration simplifies the management of orders from various platforms, ensuring a cohesive delivery process.

3. Labelling and Despatch with GFS Selector and Expert >

GFS automates the parcel routing process and prints labels for over 1,000 different carrier services. This system reduces fulfilment time by 50%, improves accuracy, and enhances traceability.

4. Track & Trace with GFS Seeker >

GFS Seeker provides complete visibility and control of all shipments, regardless of the carrier. The built-in Actions Manager helps resolve issues quickly, ensuring a smooth delivery experience.

5. Returns Management with GFS Global Returns Pro >

This self-service portal allows customers to choose from a variety of return options. It simplifies the returns process and enhances customer satisfaction by offering convenient return methods.

6. Performance Management with GFS Reportor >

GFS Reportor gives businesses a holistic view of all shipping data, including parcel volumes and carrier performance. This dashboard helps in making informed decisions to optimise logistics operations.

The Role of Technology in Transforming eCommerce Logistics in 2024

Want to find out how your eCommerce business can leverage the power of technology to boost efficiency and increase profit margins?

With GFS, you gain a strategic partner committed to your success, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance every stage of the delivery journey. Embrace the future of eCommerce logistics with GFS’ advanced technology solutions that come at NO COST with our multi-carrier management solutions.