What is Logistics Management in eCommerce?

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When running an eCommerce business, it is important to have a deep understanding of your logistics in order to be in full control of all movement. So, what is logistics management? In simple terms, logistics is part of the supply chain process and covers the planning, implementation, and control of your businesses resources from obtaining the goods, to delivering them to their final destination. This includes how your products move through your supply chain and where they are stored, therefore every detail needs to be mapped out to ensure that the business is running as efficiently as possible and customer expectations are met.

What is the outlook ahead for logistics management?

Investing in good logistics management is invaluable to your eCommerce business, because without it your business cannot perform to its fullest capabilities.

Businesses are able to build strong strategies that help to promote efficiency, reduce costs, provide greater control over resources and deliver superior customer service. But the benefits don’t stop there — all of these factors work in unison to boost your authority and reputation within the market, opening doors to greater supplier and customer relationships.


Why work with a logistics partner?

There are many reasons why working with an eCommerce logistics partner, such as GFS, could work for your business:

  1. High-quality service: Through partnering with a good logistics provider, you can be certain that your service will always meet rising customer expectations. They will assess your current management strategy and provide you with tailored recommendations to improve your overall service, ensuring every order is picked, packed, and shipped within the given timeframe.
  2. Industry-specific knowledge: Having a logistics management partner will give you access to a pool of exclusive and highly relevant industry knowledge that can be used to strengthen your position in the market. Their extensive insights can also work to keep you prepared for changes to regulations and predict freight trends so that your business always stays ahead of competitors.
  3. Increased profitability: An eCommerce logistics provider can help your business reduce operating costs, resulting in an increase in profit margins. This can be done through a few different ways: highlighting efficiency improvements, utilising bulk buying discounts, streamlining your logistics and supply chain processes, and giving you access to logistic management software that works towards mitigating any inventory or delivery issues.

What is the outlook ahead for logistics management?

Many future changes in logistics management processes have been triggered by the rise in customer expectations. The need for quick deliveries that can be tracked whilst the parcel is in transit is essential in many situations; if your eCommerce business cannot meet this requirement then customers may go elsewhere.  As we enter 2022 these expectations will continue to grow. Customers are looking for full transparency and accuracy, meaning your eCommerce business needs to invest in technologies that give your logistics management process an opportunity to provide information on the location of a parcel and time of arrival. Using this technology will give your business the tools to predict and modify deliveries that will be affected by unexpected changes (for instance, routing issues) ensuring that your customers are receiving the best possible service.

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Along with increasing customer expectations, there has been a rise in the ‘environmentally conscious consumer’. Transportation within the retail supply chain makes up for the majority of carbon emissions and research shows that with the continued growth of eCommerce, CO2 emissions will have increased by over 30% by 2030 from delivery alone. Your logistics need to take this into consideration and changes need to be implemented to provide greener deliveries and more sustainable business movements overall as this new factor becomes another important customer expectation.

Why partner with GFS Logistics?

GFS Logistics offers operations and fulfilment services that act as an extension of your business, helping you run your services efficiently and accurately. Our team of logistics experts work round the clock to ensure everything from collections and deliveries, all the way to returns works efficiently. And in the event something doesn’t go to plan, finding a ‘Plan B’ is what we do best, so you can relax and have confidence that your delivery will run smoothly.

GFS Logistics: Operations and fulfilment that acts as an extension of your business

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