Are you responsible for Operations?

5 ways we can make your job easier!

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We know that the demands of global eCommerce are putting ever-increasing pressure on operations teams to fulfil more order volumes, across more countries and more channels, in shorter time frames – we know it’s not easy!

That’s why we’ve created solutions to take the pressure off, so you can work smarter – not harder – to save time, control costs and have contingency when you need it.

What’s your challenge?

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1. “Managing multiple carriers is frustrating and time-consuming!”

Multi-carrier management is simple – we do all the hard work for you!

  • Access 1000+ delivery services across 200+ countries in one place
  • One technology platform, one invoice and one relationship
  • Delivery expertise and advice every step of the way
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2. “Technology is too complex and too costly”

A single multi-carrier platform to streamline despatch processes and boost efficiencies.

  • End-to-end technology for managing delivery options, labelling, tracking and reporting

  • One-time integration

  • Complimentary with GFS managed multi-carrier services

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3. “We need certainty that delivery won’t let us down during our busiest periods”

In-built agility and contingency when you need it most

  • Flexibility to switch carriers quickly and easily

  • Expert support with capacity forecasting and Peak planning

  • Back-up recovery when the unexpected happens

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4. “Cross-border delivery is a minefield.”

We’re international delivery experts at your service!

  • GFS International eCommerce Services automatically calculates the best delivery service and cost for every parcel to 220+ destinations

  • Automatically calculate Duties & Taxes and submit customs data electronically with GFS Enterprise Carrier Management technology

  • Options for European warehousing and delivery with GFS Europe

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5. “Returns are too slow and too costly”

Reduce the burden and cost of UK and global returns

  • Cut warehouse processing times in half

  • Self-service customer returns portal gives instant visibility of what’s being returned and why

  • Reduce overall cost of returns by 57%

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