Elevating eCommerce Delivery to Beat Basket Abandonment

Hosted by: GFS and Retail Economics

Webinar: Wednesday, 3rd July | 11am UK

Welcome to the ultimate showdown in eCommerce, where delivery can make or break a sale!

Our webinar, based on insights from the industry-leading Battling Basket Abandonment 2024 Report, unveils winning strategies to elevate your delivery service from average to exceptional. Discover how to ensure your customers always complete their purchases and never leave a full cart behind.

Join our lively and insightful webinar, where we uncover the secrets to ensuring your customers hit ‘Buy Now’ instead of ‘Goodbye’.


  • The Delivery Dilemma: Why do customers abandon their carts at the last minute? Learn about the delivery missteps that send them packing.

  • Consumer Psychology: Dive into the minds of your customers and discover what they truly want from your delivery options.

  • Multi-Carrier Magic: How can a multi-carrier partner help turn delivery nightmares into hassle-free experiences?

  • Tech-Savvy Solutions: How to unleash the power of technology to plan and optimise for routine and contingency delivery planning.

  • Returns Reimagined: Transform your returns process from a hindrance to a highlight.

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You must attend if you are an industry leader for:

– eCommerce and Retail Management

– Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

Our Experts

Delivery Dynamo:
Bobbie Ttooulis, GFS

Chief Retail Trendspotter:
Richard Lim, Retail Economics

[Webinar] DELIVER or DISAPPEAR: Elevating eCommerce Delivery to Beat Basket Abandonment

Wednesday, 3rd July | 11am UK

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Join us for a fun and informative session packed with actionable insights and strategies to win your customers’ hearts and wallets. It’s time to deliver or disappear!