Battling Basket Abandonment Report

No Margin for Error in a Zero Tolerance Era

2024 Edition | A Retail Economics – GFS Publication

In today’s volatile retail landscape, UK retailers are losing a staggering £34.4 billion annually to basket abandonment. If you’re tired of losing potential sales, our 2024 Basket Abandonment Report underscores the critical need to address consumer expectations head-on to thrive in the UK eCommerce market.

Last year’s focus on choice and convenience (Battling Basket Abandonment Report 2023) remains relevant, but this year, we delve into the zero tolerance era, exploring the psychological triggers behind abandoned carts in the context of UK retail.

Purchasing decisions are meticulously made, influenced by factors unique to the UK such as economic confidence and rapid technological changes, among other factors. Delivery and returns are now indispensable aspects of the online shopping experience, not mere conveniences.

Consumers are clear: “A subpar checkout experience won’t win our business or loyalty.”

Don’t let missed opportunities haunt your performance. Dive into our report for actionable strategies to enhance the checkout experience.

From key consumer trends to actionable solutions, we equip brands to secure eCommerce strategies to drive sales, win customer loyalty and overcome logistical challeges.

It’s time to turn lost opportunities into revenue-generating successes. Don’t miss out – download the report now!

Download the report:

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