Case Study

Choc on Choc

GFS unites sales channels to make Choc on Choc’s despatch a sweet success

Choc on Choc

Food eCommerce

Business impact

Improved operational efficiency

Less manual errors

Customer queries have significantly reduced

GFS provides a family of chocolatiers with a despatch and delivery process that integrates and communicates across sales channels. The GFS product manages multiple carriers, offers advanced labelling solutions, and improves the customer journey by allowing multiple, convenient delivery options.

“As volumes increased we needed an automated simple service, and this works really well for us. Efficiency in the business is key and having the tracking has been of great help in being able to communicate with our customers.”
Flo Broughton, Chief Chocolate Lady

The Client

Family business, Choc on Choc, is a true British brand that lovingly handcrafts tantalising high quality Belgian chocolates into clever and unique designs. From their humble beginnings in 2003, father and daughter team, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton, have grown their small family enterprise into a thriving chocolate business that now produces more than 63,000 scrumptious chocolates every week.

The Situation

Choc on Choc products are stocked by over 200 retailers around the world, including high-end stores such as Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Waitrose and Selfridges. Furthermore, the company has also built a long-term and successful partnership with unique gift retailer, (NOTHS). As order volumes have exponentially increased for Choc on Choc, so has the need for an
automated despatch and delivery system that works internationally, and seamlessly integrates with the NOTHS Delivery Management System (DMS).

The Solution

After careful consideration of Choc on Choc’s delivery automation needs, GFS Selector was identified as the ideal solution to integrate and accept orders from the company’s two primary sales channels: their own Magento ecommerce store and NOTHS.

GFS Selector has enabled Choc on Choc to work more efficiently by:

  • Saving time and reducing the duplication of transferring data between systems. This has resulted in streamlined automated communication between Choc on Choc’s business systems, GFS and NOTHS.
  • Using one single system to manage multiple carriers
  • Creating routing rules specifically tailored to the business, automating carrier and service selection
  • Importing batches of orders from multiple sources
  • Automating address retrieval and label production using a barcode scanner
  • Automating the parcel tracking information directly to their own and NOTHS channels

The Result

Following the successful installation of the GFS Selector product, together with superior customer service and tech support from the expert team at GFS, Choc on Choc continues to benefit from automated tracking information. As this is sent directly to their customers, Choc on Choc has experienced significantly reduced order enquiries.

As every parcel, regardless of channel is despatched through one system, GFS oversee the entire delivery journey of Choc on Choc’s orders, proactively managing parcels to ensure that they make a timely delivery to customers. Choc on Choc and their customers have never been happier.

The Follow up

Choc on Choc have been impressed with the level of support during peak periods, GFS’ customer care team provide pro-active updates on their deliveries, working with the carriers on Choc on Choc’s behalf to resolve any delays that may arise. With the demand for their unique chocolates ever growing, GFS will continue to be on hand to keep deliveries running smoothly.

“We’re so pleased we choose GFS Selector to streamline our despatch operations, we’ve suddenly got more time to focus on developing new products for a successful peak.”
Flo Broughton, Chief Chocolate Lady

About the company

  • Choc on Choc was created in 2003 by a father-daughter team
  • Has products stocked in over 200 retailers in the UK and abroad in Japan, USA, Australia and across Europe, including John Lewis, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty London.
  • Produces 63,000+ chocolates a week!

The need

  • To streamline multi-channel despatch across multiple online stores and marketplaces
  • Boost efficiency to manage increased order volumes
  • Improve the customer experience

The GFS Solution

  • GFS Managed Multi-carrier Services

  • GFS Seeker

  • GFS Selector
  • GFS NOTHS Channel Connector