What exactly is a Managed Multi-Carrier Parcel Service?

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There is no one carrier that can do it all. With ever-changing customer expectations, varying global capabilities, and the need for flexibility and contingency, a multi-carrier delivery strategy is essential for eCommerce today.

But managing multiple different carriers is not easy – which is where Managed Multi-Carrier Services come in.

Multi-Carrier Parcel Management: How does it work?

Traditionally, multiple carriers mean multiple contracts, invoices and technology systems which can be complex and time-consuming.

Managed Multi-Carrier Services keep it simple by providing access to a whole range of carriers and services all in one place. This means you get the breadth and flexibility of multiple carriers, without the hassle of managing each individual supplier.

One invoice, one technology platform, one point of contact gives you everything you need for shipping, labelling, tracking, reporting and more.

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Did you Know?

According to retail market data insight leader Retail Economics and GFS’ consumer and retailer research in 2023 (‘Battling Basket Abandonment’ whitepaper, 2023), two-third of consumers (66%) would like to see retailers offer a better choice of delivery options at online checkouts.

Based on the most frequent online shoppers, a highly profitable demographic that buys online at least once a week, five delivery options should be the minimum benchmark for retailers.

The current delivery options offered by many online retailers are somewhat limited considering consumers’ growing expectations and vast possibilities in today’s delivery landscape.

The research shows UK retail businesses offer customers 3.5 delivery options on average, while online-only retailers offer even fewer, with only 2.8 delivery options on average.

Regardless of online or multichannel, most retailers fail to provide the breadth of delivery options required to meet customer expectations.

Retailers offer 3.5 delivery options on average. Only a third of businesses offer 5 or more delivery options to customers – the benchmark set by online shoppers

Source: GFS, Retail Economics

5 Ways Multi-carrier Management Can Help You Sell More

Managed Multi-Carrier Parcel Services can help:

  • Offer customers choice from a wide range of delivery options
  • Save time and boost operational efficiency
  • Utilise different carriers at different times for greater flexibility and risk mitigation
  • Access tailored expertise and bespoke specialist delivery solutions
  • Expand into new international markets faster and easier

Who’s it for?

Multi-carrier Parcel Management benefits any business that has big ambitions to grow, or perhaps one that has already experienced rapid growth, as well as any business that ships internationally (or wants to), or that sells across multiple sales channels. Simplifying delivery through a multi-carrier management partner can help streamline internal processes, and free up time and resource to focus on maximising sales and international expansion.

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achieved a 600% increase in parcel volumes

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GFS Managed Multi-Carrier Services

GFS offers single access to a whopping 1000+ services across multiple carriers, countries and channels for UK, Europe and Rest of the World (ROW) shipments in 220+ countries.

As the UK’s first and leading managed multi-carrier service, GFS ships over 30 million parcels a year, and as one of the biggest buyers of carriage in th UK, we offer competitive rates and optimise costs for retailers.

GFS’ proprietary Enterprise Carrier Management technology, top-notch expertise, and pro-active support give you the flexibility to grow and scale your business.

With GFS it’s one partner, one contract, and one IT integration offering a world of limitless possibilities.
Delivery doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to see it differently.

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