The Peak of 2023:
A Comprehensive Look

As we wrap up the cyber weekend and festive shopping season, we take all our sightings from the Peak Bulletin 2023 series and highlight the key developments that shaped Peak.

Week 1: Anticipation and Preparation

  • Retailers prepared for a robust Peak season, reporting high stock levels after a successful Black Friday weekend.
  • Noteworthy surge in volumes during Week 46, with individual days reaching Peak levels.
  • Early Black Friday promotions and strategic delivery solutions aimed to engage consumers and manage the extended Peak trading period.

Week 2: Black Friday Success and Sustained Growth

  • Black Friday volumes exceeded expectations, showcasing a 30% increase in Week 47 compared to the previous week.
  • Fashion, electronics, and home appliances sustained growth, while media scepticism slightly dampened overall sales.
  • Exceptional carrier performance set the stage for continued success, despite concerns about potential delivery disruptions due to snow.

Week 3: Cyber Weekend Highs and Late Surge Anticipation

  • Robust volumes during Cyber Monday and subsequent days.
  • Anticipation of heightened volumes throughout the remaining weeks, driven by early December pay packets.
  • Fashion retailers reported record volumes over the Cyber weekend, with the Gifting sector gradually increasing toward the end of Week 48.

Week 4: Calm, Controlled, and Coordinated Peak

  • Week 49 volumes aligned with expectations, marking a calming from fashion retailers after successful Black Friday promotions.
  • Continued investment and planning ensured a calm, controlled, and coordinated Peak season for carriers.
  • Service performance recovered strongly after disruptions from snow in the North East and Cumbria.

Week 5: Sustained Growth and Last-Minute Rush

  • Robust parcel volumes continued in a sustained fashion leading up to Christmas.
  • Week 50 saw further growth, indicating a last-minute rush for deals before Christmas.
  • Fashion and Gifting sectors experienced increased volumes, with carriers focused on delivering parcels pre-Christmas.


For our final wrap-up on Peak 2023, we join retail and industry experts for a coffee table conversation as they hold the microscope over how the retail landscape has navigated challenges with strategic planning, investments, and support from carriers.

Does the complete picture paint shades of a strong and reliable delivery experience, or can retailers do more to get the green tick from customers?