Multi-Carrier Shipping Software:
All you need to know if you are an eCommerce expert

Let’s explore the world of multi-carrier shipping software. It is an essential tool for any eCommerce expert looking to streamline their logistics. 

This article will guide you through the benefits, option, and costs associated with advanced carrier technologies. Discover how utilising multi-carrier shipping solutions can enhance customer satisfaction and significantly increase your sales.

What is a multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-carrier shipping offers a flexible solution for your eCommerce business. Rather than depending solely on a single provider, multi-carrier shipping enables you to select the most suitable carrier for each shipment, based on cost, delivery speed and destination.

A multi-carrier shipping software is an advanced tech solution that simplifies logistics, promotes timely deliveries and improves customer satisfaction.

The software works by integrating multiple carriers into one system. Once an order is placed, the multi-carrier shipping software chooses the best-fitting carrier, considering factors such as:

  • parcel weight
  • delivery destination
  • delivery urgency 

By streamlining the rate comparison, parcel tracking and shipping documentation processes, businesses are empowered to find the most suitable shipping option without any additional work.

What is the difference between single-carrier and multi-carrier shipping?

The difference between single-carrier and multi-carrier shipping solutions lies within the business logistics evolution, driven by the demands of the digital marketplace and consumer expectations. 

Single-carrier shipping is based on exclusive contracts, where costs are calculated according to shipping volumes. However, this scheme struggles to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers.

Multi-carrier shipping, on the other hand, forges a more balanced landscape for eCommerce owners. Carriers must try to outperform one another, in terms of service quality and competitive pricing.

Due to the competitive nature of multi-carrier shipping, it provides businesses with great flexibility, cost-efficiency and the option to negotiate better rates. This new approach not only aligns with the global scale of eCommerce but also meets the 86% of UK shoppers who favour a variety of delivery options.

How do I manage my shipments with multiple carriers?

Multi-carrier shipping systems simplify shipment management by centralising all logistics activities on a single dashboard. On this dashboard, you can:

  • print labels and documents
  • track parcels
  • handle returns
  • store all your data and parcel info in one place

What are the benefits of using multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-Carrier shipping software slashes costs, speeds up deliveries, and boosts reliability. It also lets you offer varied shipping options, enabling you to meet the preferences of 65% of customers who value knowing their estimated delivery times

Let’s break it down:

  • Backup planning for shipping: Multi-carrier shipping systems boost flexibility by providing various delivery options on a single platform, allowing businesses to meet diverse customer needs with both speedy and budget-friendly shipping choices.
  • International trade: Understanding your customer base’s geographic spread is vital. Multi-carrier shipping offers many options in terms of area coverage, enhancing delivery efficiency for both domestic and international deliveries.
  • Cost Efficiency: Multi-carrier shipping enables businesses to compare carrier rates, ensuring the selection of the most cost-effective option for each shipment. This flexibility allows for savvy rate negotiations and discount leveraging by retailers.
  • Happier customers: Multi-carrier shipping allows businesses to customise delivery speeds, enhancing customer experience with faster and more convenient shipping options. Automations like chatbots, push notifications and personalisation further improve transparency and reduce service queries.

How do I know which shipping carrier software to use for my business?

Choosing the right multi-carrier shipping software for your business comes in 4 steps. Before reaching a decision:

  1. Look for software that offers broad carrier compatibility.
  2. Search if it includes robust tracking capabilities and flexible pricing options.
  3. Consider user reviews.
  4. Request demos to ensure the solution aligns with your operational requirements.

Can I use GFS multi-carrier shipping software with my existing eCommerce platform?

Yes, GFS multi-carrier shipping software typically integrates with many eCommerce platforms. Contact our team to confirm which CMS integrations are available, and we will ensure a smooth addition to your existing setup.

What is the cost of using multi-carrier shipping?

The cost varies based on:

  • shipping volume
  • carrier rates
  • software costs

However, many eCommerce businesses experience significant cost savings over time by collaborating with multiple carriers and choosing the right multi-carrier shipping software.

Why should you choose GFS to manage multi-carrier shipping

Choosing our managed multi-carrier services to deliver your parcels ensures seamless integration with your existing operations, and a solution tailored to enhance your business performance.

GFS is highly regarded for its expertise in logistics management and extensive industry knowledge applicable to your shipping needs. 

Our systems are supported by robust logistics software that offers scalable solutions for any business size, enhancing your supply chain’s reliability. We offer real-time tracking to increase shipment visibility, allowing you to monitor and manage your deliveries better than ever.

GFS connects you to an extensive network of domestic and international carriers, giving you the flexibility to adapt delivery options without the hassle of multiple contracts. Competitive rates, combined with our pro-active Customer Care team’s parcel tracking and issue resolution, ensure smooth delivery experiences for your customers.

This comprehensive approach improves operational efficiency, reduces costs and, last but not least, strengthens customer loyalty. By consistently meeting your customers’ expectations, you are one step closer to making them your regulars or even your store’s vocal advocates. Choose our multi-carrier shipping software and transform your last-mile delivery into an asset for growth and customer satisfaction.

By focusing on fast and affordable eCommerce delivery, you can enhance the overall customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships with your audience.

In the competitive landscape of eCommerce, mastering delivery can be the key differentiator that sets your business apart from the rest.