Whether it’s prompt arrival, great customer service or plenty of choice, delivery can be the difference between a customer abandoning or repeating a purchase.

Choice and Convenience At The Checkout

Customers shop online due to the convenience of being able to spend time choosing products in their own home. That desire for convenience also extends to delivery. Whether it’s picking up from a place that is close to work or home, or choosing a day or time that they know they will be in. The more choice and flexibility you can offer, the more likely they are to confidently commit to their purchase. With 40% of all abandoned carts occurring because of lack of convenient delivery options^, we know that delivery choice is of great importance.

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Transparency and Visibility

Once an order has been despatched, customers like to be kept updated on the progress of their order. When asked in this year’s Consumer Home Delivery Review, 89% of respondants said they want delivery information once their order is in motion. The most important updates are relating to problems with their delivery – anticipated delays or failure to deliver – as well as confirming the expected time slot. Notifications such as these manage expectations and help consumers ensure they are available when their delivery is due, which helps to reduce the number of delivery attempts and increase customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Options

The environment is one of the biggest issues in the world today and this will inevitably have an impact on the carrier industry as consumers increasingly look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint – as detailed in our blog.

43% of brits say that they are more likely to shop with a rival retailer if they offer more sustainable delivery options.* These include more consolidated delivery approaches, such as click and collect or pick up/ drop off points. For those using such services, there is an 80% reduction in delivery vehicles on the streets, improving fossil fuel emissions.** Communicating this to consumers when choosing their delivery option will be important to make sure people are aware of how they can help reduce their carbon footprint.

Personal Service and Loyalty Programmes

Customers are now beginning to look for a more personal experience, with 15% of customers said they expect online providers to remember them and tailor their delivery around their usual or preferred arrangements.*

79% of consumers also say that they want eCommerce websites to offer a delivery loyalty program.* When they shop repeatedly, they want to be rewarded, and that includes benefiting from either faster delivery or free delivery. With loyalty points or a subscription service like Amazon Prime, retailers can offer the benefits that will make consumers choose them over anyone else.

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