Issue #5

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This Peak, we’re behind the scenes, bringing you unparalleled industry insights. As an eCommerce or Logistics decision-maker, this is your quick coffee shot of just everything you need to know in the industry during this crunch period.

The Peak Bulletin puts together unique insights on carrier updates, industry happenings and parcel volumes based on GFS proprietary data.

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GFS data perspective on parcel volumes and delivery performance across the industry


Data on parcel volumes — are numbers up to or above expectations and industry forecasts?

  • The countdown to Christmas is nearly complete; Peak 2023 has seen robust parcel volumes in a flatter and more sustained fashion.

  • Volume in Week 50 saw further growth versus Week 49 and gave a clear indication that consumers are still looking for last-minute deals with the potential that parcel volumes will have one final flurry of last-minute orders before Christmas.


The “mood” of retail shopping this week and how it’s driving performance metrics across product categories

  • Volume in the Fashion sector increased again in the week with several retailers starting their seasonal sales.
  • Gifting had seen a slower-than-expected start to Peak, however, volume has grown strongly as the Peak period has progressed.


The pressure is ON for parcel deliveries — how are carriers faring in the race to the customer’s doorstep?

  • The majority of carriers will be delivering on Saturday, 23rd December and Sunday, 24th December to fully clear out their networks and deliver as many parcels as possible pre-Christmas.

  • As has been the trend in previous years, we expect a transition from 2-day services to Next Day throughout this week as retailers want to remove any risk of a potential delay impacting delivery.

  • Overall the very strong delivery performance we have seen throughout Peak 2023 has continued throughout the last week.


Keys to Successful Retailing during Peak with CRM, Loyalty and Personalisation Consultant, Gianfranco Cuzziol

Peak is still ongoing but you should already be thinking about next year! This is particularly true in the world of data and personalisation. Upon reflection did you have the data you needed to truly personalise the offers and experiences you presented to your customer during Peak this year?

If you feel that you could go further next year then think about:

  1. What new first or zero-party data you have collected this year that can be used over the next 12 months? How could you use it to enhance your customer experience?
  2. What were you not able to do this year that would like to next Peak? Did you need more data to inform recommendations? Do you know about your customers’ preferred delivery or payment options? If not, start collecting this information so you are ready next time.
  3. Having thought about what the use cases are and the data you need, think about if you have the right technology in place to deliver that enhanced experience.

Gianfranco Cuzziol
CRM, Loyalty and Personalisation Consultant

Gianfranco has over 20 years’ experience in CRM, Loyalty and Personalisation. Most recently he led CRM and Personalisation for Natura & Co working with the four iconic brands of Aesop, Avon, Natura and The Body Shop. Prior to transitioning to a Group role, he was at Aesop where he was responsible for Global CRM including Recognition and Replenishment. He transformed the brand’s capabilities in how they directly engage with customers across their markets and regions. Gianfranco has spent most of his career agency-side, working with brands as diverse as BMW, Adidas, BT, Disney and easyjet to name but a few. He now shares his experience as an advisor, consultant, keynote speaker and author. With a first degree in Astrophysics, he enjoys explaining that engaging with customers in a relevant way need not be rocket science!


Initial observations from Peak 2023

  • On reflection, the shape and phasing of Peak this year has not just helped the pick & pack process for retailers, it has also aided the sort and delivery capabilities of carriers.
  • Overall, the very strong delivery performance we have seen throughout Peak 2023 has continued throughout the last week – it is expected that 2023 will set a new benchmark in performance for Peak in future years.

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