We’re proud to say we work with some of the fastest growing brands

Leisure Outlet wanted to offer customers a wider choice of delivery, but needed to do so without adding any unnecessary operational overhead or cost

Home & Garden Retailer

GFS helps UK retailer prevent disaster with multi-carrier delivery solutions and expertise

Premier League Football Club

Partnering with a top Premier League club, managing 500,000+ parcels a year worldwide and a 600% growth in parcel volumes over 8 years

Global eCommerce 3PL

Providing white label final-mile delivery solutions for the UK and across Europe – delivering over 1 million parcels a year

Mamas and Papas

Mamas & Papas turn delivery on its head to put customer experience first

An ‘all in one’ delivery service combining international parcel services with intelligent despatch software and logistics support

Luxury Legs

GFS technology enables Luxury Legs to expand delivery options and sales channels and double the speed of despatch


Hatton’s offload delivery to GFS and clears barriers to international growth



Dune London


Axminster Tools & Machinery

GFS simplifies Axminster Tools & Machinery online delivery conundrum to provide a personalised experience

Molton Brown


Choc on Choc

GFS unites sales channels to make Choc on Choc’s despatch a sweet success

Simply Colors

GFS automates and allocates a spectrum of carrier services for Simply Colors

Madderson London


The Factory Shops

GFS despatch automation removes fulfilment obstacles and provides huge time savings at The Factory Shops Shops

The Rustic Dish

GFS aligns systems for The Rustic Dish, with smart, efficient and cost-effective despatch software

The School Of Life


“Working with partners that understand not only the market place, but also the demands of consumers, is important. You need to work hand in hand with partners that understand the demands, and are able to react quickly and adapt. I am pleased to say GFS have all these attributes.”

Richard Spychalski, Mamas & Papas

“GFS provided us with the flexibility, expertise and understanding that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution with parcel carriers. The introduction of GFS has ensured contingency plans are always in place due to the adaptability and knowledge they have within the parcel industry.”

Trevor Scott, Molton Brown

“We need suppliers who can help us be at the top of our game and we’re impressed by what we’ve seen from GFS.”

Chris Jennions, Liverpool FC

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