eCommerce software can support your online business by saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your processes. It can help you deliver parcels quicker, makes customers happier, and help stop your warehouse from becoming overwhelmed. So, what type of software is best for your business? There are so many different options on the market, where do you even start?

We’ve pulled together a list of key features to look for when searching for eCommerce Software, that can help you save time, money and grow your sales.

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1. Managing Multiple Carriers

Working with multiple carriers can be complicated when they have different technology for labelling, tracking and invoicing. Having all orders under one system increases business efficiency, as it allows you to set up automated processes that cut the time needed to fulfil an order. In addition, you can reduce operational costs as deliveries for each sales channel are grouped together and the most efficient shipment path can be calculated.

How can GFS help?

The GFS Selector helps take away the pain points of despatch and delivery, helping you work smarter, not harder, so you can scale and grow to meet the ever-evolving demands of eCommerce.

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2. Offering More Parcel Delivery Options

With almost 50% of consumers abandoning their purchase due to a limited amount of delivery options, it is clear that choice and convenience are a top priority for the modern consumer. The only way to give your customers what they want is through working with multiple carriers who offer a range of shipping services, and then using multi-carrier technology to integrate these service options with your existing eCommerce platform. The use of this technology gives you full control and flexibility, enabling you to manage your online orders and switch off delivery options if carriers are over capacity.

How can GFS help?

GFS Checkout customers outperform the industry by more than 16% on basket conversion rates because we offer maximum delivery choice and convenience. Our powerful rules-based engine enables you to tailor delivery to the address and order type of each customer in real time, so customers can buy more easily and more frequently.

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3. The Right Returns Management System

The returns process is just as important as the delivery process. You need to provide your customers with a simple and seamless experience if you want to encourage repeat purchases and good reviews. Having an efficient eCommerce returns management system will give your customers access to a variety of returns options to choose so that they can find the one best suited to them. This will also help to encourage initial sales as 1 in 5 consumers have abandoned a purchase because they were dissatisfied with the returns policy. In addition, customers can track their returns giving them an insight into when their refund will be deposited, or when their replacement will arrive.

Communication between business and customer is always key, but internal communications is just as important. Implementing a returns management system will help warehouse efficiency as they will be kept up to date with the status of all stock.

How can GFS help?

The GFS Global Returns Pro simplifies your returns process and reduces costs with our fast and affordable integrated solutions. We offer full visibility and control over all of your refunds, whilst giving you the tools to provide a market-leading customer experience.

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4. Offering the Best Customer Service

Customer service directly impacts brand loyalty, with 77% of customers expecting top-notch service. This includes offering seamless delivery and returns, quick communication, and transparency throughout the whole sales process. eCommerce software can help you to stay in control of your shipments and offer tracking updates to your customers, keep them updated and in-the-know if any issues arise. Making customers aware of any delays is the most effective way to manage expectations and minimise dissatisfaction – it also gives you more time to find a solution!

How can GFS help?

GFS Seeker helps you track and trace all your deliveries in one place, so you can see exactly where each parcel has been – across all carriers, services and destinations.

GFS Manager helps customer service teams resolve parcel exceptions fast through direct contact with carriers and consignees.

GFS Multi-Carrier eCommerce Technology

Your customers are looking for a fast, reliable and most importantly, convenient service which can be difficult to achieve when you are offering a variety of services. GFS offers a complete technology toolkit, complimentary with our Multi-Carrier Services, that enhances every stage of the delivery journey, from delivery options at the checkout, to labelling, tracking and reporting – across all carriers, countries and sales channels – through one single integration. Having everything in one place is beneficial for both your customers and business. Our technology allows for greater control and efficiency throughout your business by helping you to reduce risks, increase communication and cut costs. Customer satisfaction will increase as they will have the option to choose the delivery service that is best suited for them, be able to track their orders and have an easy returns process.