Carrier Management: What is Multi-carrier Parcel Management?

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Online retailers face a tough market. High customer expectations coupled with the ambition to grow into international markets mean that it’s impossible to provide customers with the delivery options they want across multiple countries, with just one carrier. This means that many eCommerce businesses have to work with multiple carriers to thrive.

But managing different carriers can be a real headache, which is where Multi-Carrier Management comes in.

Multi-Carrier Parcel Management: How Does it Help?

Multi-carrier management solutions enable eCommerce businesses to:

• Manage carriers more easily
• Switch between carriers to reduce costs
• Offer a great customer experience with tracking and easy delivery
• Reduce cart abandonment
• Easily access new cross-border markets
• Mitigate risk

5 Ways Multi-carrier Management Can Help You Sell More

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Multi-Carrier Parcel Management helps businesses manage different carrier contracts, invoices, fuel surcharges, parcel tracking and reporting all in one place. This not only simplifies order fulfilment operations, but also offers customers more delivery options, and generally a better experience overall. On top of this, it offers retailers the flexibility and contingency to protect the customer experience no matter what – which is crucial in today’s climate of uncertainty.

Retailers can easily switch between carriers they want to use for certain deliveries. This not only ensures the best and most cost-effective service is used for each order, but also offers retailers with contingency so they always have a back-up plan, even if the unexpected happens.

Having the option of different carriers also gives customers more choice. Customers want delivery options, and have different needs whether it be based on level of convenience, speed or cost. Research consistently shows that customers are more like to buy from a website that offers options so it’s more important than ever to offer as much choice as possible to prevent customers from abandoning their carts at checkout.

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GFS: Multi Carrier Management Solutions

Even with effective Carrier Management, working with multiple carriers can be time consuming and costly. With GFS, Multi-carrier Parcel Management is made simple.

Through just one relationship, one contract, one technology system and one invoice, GFS can help manage delivery across all carriers, countries and channels, with value-added expertise and operational support. Plus, our Multi Carrier Management Software means you can effectively track and label across multiple carriers and services, and ensure a smooth customer experience. Solving delivery problems is what we do. Contact us today to get started.

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