For modern eCommerce businesses, ensuring you can keep up with the high demands of customers can be challenging. Customers want a wide choice of delivery options to choose the most convenient one for them and full tracking so they can keep an eye on their parcel. Not meeting customer expectations can damage sales as well as customer retention. To give your customers, the best experience, you need to work with multiple carriers, but different pick up times, contracts, and software integrations can mean it costs more and takes up more of your time. That’s where a multi-carrier shipping solution can help by consolidating everything from the different carriers into one system. Add to that a single, multi-carrier partner offering all the delivery services and support under one roof – and you’re living the dream!

Benefits of a Multi Carrier Shipping Solution:

1. Cost efficient

Shipping can greatly impact the buying choices of your customers, with almost 50% of consumers abandoning their purchase due to a limited amount of delivery options. So, it is essential to provide a more choice to your customers. This can be do which can be done efficiently through multiple carrier partnerships. Having this choice of carriers is not only beneficial to your customers but also for your business, as you are able to compare the prices of different providers and choose the most cost-efficient option. In addition, it will provide you with the power of negotiation to further drive down shipping costs.

2. Greater control

Multi-carrier shipping solution consolidates all information from different carriers, giving you instant access to everything you need to know all in one place. The software acts as a database for all shipment information which reduces your admin and saves you time, whilst also allowing you to keep track of all deliveries and prevent issues turning into problems for your customers.

3. Flexibility

Along with control, flexibility is also vital when providing a delivery service as it is impossible to predict when an obstacle will arise. Multi-carrier shipping solutions give you the flexibility to easily switch over to a different carrier when one is over capacity or underperforming, or even distribute parcel volumes across two or more carriers so that you are not reliant on one, helping you to mitigate risks and keep customers happy.

parcels being delivered

4. Best customer experience

Customers rate the experience of any business based on their journey, from pre-purchase stages to post-purchase stages, and with 77% expecting top-notch service, it is important to remember that shipping and delivery are just as important as getting your customers to make a purchase. Utilising a multi-carrier approach will give your customers the freedom of delivery choice, the ability to track and monitor their parcel and provide instant updates on the shipment journey. All of which, allows you time to proactively address any delay issues, prevent bad experiences and meet customer expectations.

1000+ delivery services in one place

Go Green with Sustainable Delivery Options

Working with a multi-carrier partner like GFS will provide you with single access to the industry’s widest network of carrier services, increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and meet the needs of your customers. Through one technology integration solution you can have instant access to all of these benefits and so can your customers.