Peak Bulletin Series 2022

The “What-Ifs” for Peak 2022 will be more volatile and complex than ever before.

As retailers work at breakneck speed to prepare yet stay flexible for the grand finale expected to last well over 6 weeks, we are working behind the scenes to bring you all the updates from the industry.

Why sign up for the Peak Bulletin? The carrier and industry coverage in this bulletin will be second to none, PLUS includes commentary from authoritative industry voices with a hawk’s eye on the Black Friday market.

Launching 22nd November, our Weekly Peak Bulletin “Peak Pulse” will be an up-to-the-minute roundup of service updates and news across all the major carriers and a “look ahead” for the upcoming week, to help you plan and optimise resources through Peak.

Also look out for our weekly industry commentary from IMRG, UK’s leading body on eCommerce market data, analysis and insight.

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