Do You See eCommerce Delivery Differently?

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Customer expectations and buying behaviours are always evolving, with more sales channels available, shorter delivery timeframes expected and new technologies, eCommerce never stands still. This has only been accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic, with more people buying more online than ever. This is a good thing as it means never-ending opportunities for your business to grow. However, this also brings fierce competition and operational pressures and challenges. How are customers currently rating your delivery and returns capabilities? How can you de-risk and protect delivery? Are you using multiple carriers? The likelihood is that you are, which is great! But this usually also means multiple printers, numerous label formats and countless hours of administration. And that’s not all. There are also various technology integrations to manage, which often results in a disjointed and fragmented view of your overall operation. There is an easier way – it’s time to see delivery differently.

Increase sales everywhere

Growing your business financially and geographically is no easy feat. First you need to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers domestically, then you have to identify and fulfil the requirements of customers abroad too. The businesses that will see significant growth and success, will be those that truly understand what their customers want, and have the operational flexibility and agility to scale and adapt along the way.

When it comes to delivery, giving customers what they want really comes down to choice. It’s almost impossible to satisfy the needs of every single customer, and what one person might expect from delivery will be different to another. With the right multi-carrier approach, you can offer the breadth and range of delivery options needed to give customers the power to choose for themselves. This is what will help you meet and exceed customer expectations, no matter what they may be, to make you the first-choice retailer every time.

Multi-carrier eCommerce technology with a one-time integration

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Make warehouse operations easier

eCommerce businesses are under increasing pressure to make online shopping, and delivery, as easy and convenient as possible, almost to the point where it’s not possible at all. This, along with the hike in demand, only adds to the strain on operational staff and the ‘do-ers’ within the business to maintain service levels. But, there is a way to work smarter and more efficiently.

By unifying multiple carriers into a single multi-carrier platform and automating previously manual tasks, your warehouse staff can immediately free-up time and maximise their capabilities – enabling them to consistently protect service levels. What was once a frightfully complex process is now a simple and effective procedure – enabling the scalability to grow in line with your business’ and customers’ requirements. By combining the best in services, technology, and industry expertise, you can maximise your staff and operations to handle any growth or peak period.

Access to 1000+ service options with our multi-carrier services

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Joined-up multi-carrier management

At GFS, we combine our expertise and services with innovative technology to help you turn your multi-carrier processes into your competitive advantage. Our innovative solutions enable you to provide customers with delivery and returns options that make their buying decisions easier and more frequent, and we help streamline and simplify your delivery operations across the globe.

So, if you want to see delivery differently and thrive in this ever-changing world, pick one of the topics below to find out more…

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