Firstly, technology is great

With technology developing almost on a daily basis, life is faster and more convenient and we love it – anything to free us of boring time-consuming tasks. We are always looking for a solution, and often think of technology as the answer. After all, computers can produce faster and more accurate results than a human can.

In logistics, technology helps increase the capacity, precision and visibility of stock control, pick and pack and delivery tracking. It has done wonders for industry productivity, it enables us to reach more customers, multiply sales and deliver what they want faster than ever. This is hugely valuable in the fast paced world of eCommerce, saving time and money for a lot of businesses. But is enthusiasm for technology clouding a vital aspect of the customer experience?

Showing the love

Our emotional intelligence is something that robots just can’t beat.

In business, it’s often all about spreadsheets and numbers but let’s talk about feelings. It’s important to have mutual understanding and trust in a business relationship. Many people would like to remove emotion from business but this is a big part of our make up so we think we should embrace it.

We understand your products are the core of your business and to entrust this part of your operation to a third party is a huge commitment. You need a fulfilment partner who you can trust to help you meet the ever increasing expectations of your customers. This relationship is as much about feeling and emotion as it is about function and practicality.

Above and beyond

Computers and robots are programmed to perform tasks within set parameters and to the same standard every time – great for consistency but what if you need help with something outside of these parameters? This is where humans come into their own.

A real person, like our account managers, who actively helps with care and thought will turn a good experience into an outstanding one to be remembered. We can probe and ask questions and think of a solution, even if it is outside of the usual criteria. Technology boosts efficiency but when combined with human insight it can deliver exceptional results.

We don’t believe in “computer says no”, we will go the extra mile to make sure we deliver what you and your customers need. After personalisation or an order despatched after the daily cut off time? We will find a solution for you to ensure your customers return time and time again.

Impact of availability on customer service

Research carried out by ContactEngine and YouGov found that 44% of consumers are less tolerant of poor customer service than 3 years ago. We feel this is also true for retailers dealing with business partners.

How is technology impacting our patience and loyalty?

The human touch is often overlooked by the big organisations in place of ticking the boxes; phone numbers and site visits are replaced by online forms and automated emails. It can be difficult to find contact details to speak to a real person or if you can get through, half an hour of hold music will test anyone’s patience.

With Green Sleeves still ringing in their ears, frustration and disappointment leads many to use social media and forums as a customer service tool. But this is not the best route to a fulfilling and positive working relationship. We want to spend time getting to know our customers, their products and their business. To be a joy to speak to and take away that stress and frustration.

You are not a number

At GFS, we want to give that little bit extra- to listen to you as an individual and care about your business.

Human conversation has become so valuable in our age of social media and smart phones, where we are spending more and more time communicating through a screen. We think speaking to you personally and getting to know you is far more meaningful and beneficial than having to “press the hash key”. This to us is paramount to providing a first class customer experience and also helps us to help you as much as we can – this is our top priority.

We take inspiration from Robin Lewis, Relationships Manager for Feefo: “To know your customer, you need to listen to what they say and to listen you need to ask and then respond.”

By having your own account manager, you will have someone to speak to by name who knows you and the needs of your business. If you speak to Karen at 9am about your new blue polka dot packaging, you’ll be sure you can speak to Karen again at 5pm and again the next day and the day after that, if you need to.

It’s all about balance

In fulfilment it’s easy to rely on technology to get orders out of the door quickly. Speed and convenience are our priorities but technology needs to go hand in hand with human interaction, one without the other impacts the customer experience.

We use technology to make sure products are safe in the right locations, they are scanned regularly, picked and packed quickly without errors. But we also want our customers to feel safe talking to us, that we are supportive and understanding but also flexible to their needs. Our hybrid solution not only enables us to continue to be innovative in our quest for fast fulfilment but be a friendly voice to help whenever needed, to take away the stress and help your business flourish and thrive.