Delivery management can be complex – managing different carrier relationships, collections, comparing costs, all while tackling the unpredictable such as sudden surges in demand or carrier delays. So, you may be thinking about outsourcing deliver management, but what is it really like working with an eCommerce delivery partner, and how can they help your business?

Find out everything you need and hear directly from businesses just like yours about what it’s like to work with GFS.

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What does a delivery service partner do?

Your carrier partner might offer you a variety of services and you may feel you have the best rates. However, there is a world of carriers out there and lots of different types of services. Working with multiple carriers might seem too overwhelming – how do you manage all the different contracts, relationships and pick-ups? That’s where a multi-carrier eCommerce delivery partner can help. eCommerce delivery partners manage those relationships for you, so you can get even more delivery services, ensure you have the most competitive rates and easily scale your delivery up or down depending on how busy you are. Multi-carrier delivery is the key to a delivery strategy that works for your business, and only with a partner that has the expertise to handle it all can it be simple and easy.

“There was a limit on how many orders we could send each day, which was really restricting our ability to sell as much as we wanted and grow. I knew GFS was the only way to help us get to the next level.”

How can an eCommerce delivery partner help my business?

An eCommerce delivery partner can help every aspect of your business. If you are working with multiple carriers to give your customers a wide choice of delivery services, your logistics teams will be handling multiple pickups at different times of day. Working with one ecommerce multi-carrier partner means just one collection, whick can ease pressure on your warehouse. It also reduces the admin stress of managing different contracts, label formats and carrier relationships. Being able to scale up and scale down depending on how busy you are, or turn off certain carrier services if they’re over capacity, is also vital, so you can react to what’s going on around you. This adaptability is key when it comes to providing a consistent customer experience that will keep customers coming back.

“GFS has helped transform our delivery strategy and drive 50% growth in online revenues by enabling us to increase operational efficiencies and give customers the choice and service they expect from us, every time.”

How do I choose an eCommerce delivery partner?

Choosing the right shipping partner for your eCommerce business is a vital part of your delivery strategy. You might be able to control your website, your advertising and your product lines but once the product leaves your warehouse and is in the hands of your eCommerce delivery partner, you no longer have control over the customer experience. That’s why you need to be sure you’re working with the right partner. There are a lot of things to consider, from service options to software, but ensuring your delivery partner has the expertise to support every part of your delivery journey is vital.

Will transitioning to an eCommerce delivery solution be difficult?

With the right delivery partner, moving your services over is quick and easy. At GFS, set up requires just one single software integration to cover every stage of delivery; from point of sale to the doorstep and back again. Our easy integration will mean 0 days downtime and you will be up and running quickly. Talk to us about how easy it is.

“GFS immediately helped by reducing our carrier contract administration, while cutting our costs, and helping to manage very ‘lumpy’ demand.”

Do I need a different eCommerce delivery service for all my sales channels?

No! Our eCommerce software connects all your different channels, so whether you’re selling on your website, Amazon,, Etsy or others, all your orders will be entered into one order system for labelling, collections, tracking, delivery and returns. Sound simple? It is!

“Now we do everything through the one GFS system. GFS Checkout has made it easy to add delivery options (we now offer 17), while the breadth of service and automated technology has given us more control and agility to respond to changing customer and business needs. I didn’t know this was possible – it’s unlike any other delivery service we’ve tried before, but it’s absolutely worked for us.”

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