The Multi-Carrier Shipping Process: How does it all work?

Looking back on the year so far, it seems customers have certain expectations set on what they expect from their delivery experience, but with eCommerce businesses surrounded by rising challenges, how can they recover quickly to create increased levels of efficiency to meet these demands without burning budgets?

Retailers now more than ever must arm themselves with the right tools and resources to identify gaps and meet these demands while also gaining a competitive edge — and the smart and quickest way around this is by implementing a multi-carrier shipping process.

The Multi-Carrier Delivery Process

The benefits of multi-carrier shipping and how to choose a partner:

1. Power of Choice

Businesses are able to offer customers a wide range of shipping options, which is sure to encourage them to make a purchase from increased convenience. This means offering choice to pick from a range of delivery services right from cost-effective economy delivery to premium parcel delivery. Working with a multi-carrier partner delivering huge volumes means businesses bag the benefit of exclusive rates coming from their strong buying power!

2. Greater visibility

If you choose right, the biggest convenience would come from being able to monitor all shipping operations and track parcels in one place, in real-time. Enhanced visibility enables businesses to spot potential issues before they arise, reroute parcels, communicate any delays/disruptions and resolve customer queries with accurate answers.

3. Adaptability

As already mentioned, customer expectations are rising and the best way to keep your customers happy is by offering them the best service possible. By working with multiple carriers, businesses are able to offer tailored delivery services and provide the option of fast shipping for those that may have left ordering a little bit too last minute!

The right multi-carrier partner must…

Bring a certain level of strategy and pro-activeness to the table; if not, none of these benefits will see result and you’ll be stuck with a partnership that doesn’t align with your operational and business goals. Your multi-carrier partner’s services must align with your business needs, including your customer’s expectations, destination, parcel volumes, etc.

Working with a multi-carrier partner, such as GFS connects you to over 1000+ services across 220+ destinations, pro-active parcel management, and provides you with smart multi-carrier technology, expert advice and support from an experienced customer care team, as well as many other benefits!

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