Software to simplify your international shipping

GFS Selector is our dynamic despatch platform that enables label printing and parcel routing for fast and simple despatch.

GFS Selector is fast, robust and scalable and it can support despatch for any size operation. Whether you’re sending a couple of parcels a day or dealing with hundreds of thousands, GFS Selector can help. With access to a label library for over 1000 services, you can print carrier compliant labels for any combination of carrier services with accuracy and traceability.

GFS Selector SME

Our PC-based multi-carrier despatch system can be used as a standalone manual data entry system or can be integrated with a barcode scanner to print labels in a queue, in bulk or in user defined groups. Order information can be imported through CSV integration for automated labelling.

GFS Selector Enterprise

GFS Selector Enterprise is the server implementation of GFS Selector and includes an add-on module that connects to your Warehouse Management System (WMS). Designed for high output use, GFS Selector Enterprise offers an XML integration.

GFS Expert

GFS Expert enables automated parcel routing for the ultimate in warehouse efficiency. You can set rules to match the best carrier services to each parcel based on criteria such as order value, parcel size/weight, address location and service requirements chosen by the consumer.

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Simplify despatch with GFS Selector

Choose GFS for a fast and simple despatch

At the heart of GFS is our drive to make shipping as simple and easy as possible. In our many years of parcel management, we have worked with thousands of retailers and B2B businesses to understand the challenges surrounding despatch and the warehouse. We developed GFS Selector to help take away the pain points of delivery, helping you save time and take control to focus on growing your business.

Simplify despatch with GFS Selector

Issues it solves

GFS Selector is the biggest time-saver for eCommerce businesses, helping you to simplify despatch and remove complexity to get orders out the door fast. The software helps you despatch orders with accuracy, eliminating manual data entry and reducing manual errors. The parcel routing engine in GFS Selector sends each parcel with the right level of care, and with most cost effective service.

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