Simplify multi-channel sales with a single solution

With consumers shopping with an increasing number of devices and channels, GFS Channel Connector untangles the complex flow of orders by combining your preferred sales channels into one single shipping solution. Integrated with eBay, Amazon, Etsy and as well as the Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify eCommerce platforms, it retrieves orders, imports the data into GFS Selector to queue label printing and sends tracking information to the consumer via the channel where they placed the order!

Reduce despatch time

Multi-channel selling opens up your business to a wider customer base, helping drive sales, increase brand awareness and boost loyalty. However it also presents some challenges, as despatch becomes more complicated and time-consuming. GFS Channel Connector can automate parcel labelling for speedy despatch across many different channels.

Easy to use, innovative shipping solutions

GFS Channel Connector runs in the background so you don’t need to do anything! Each one continuously works in conjunction with your chosen sales channels to send and receive data. We are continually developing our technology to meet the changing needs of retailers in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. We listen to our customers and add new integrations for the latest channels wherever needed.

A bespoke shipping solution to maximise efficiency

GFS Channel Connector is individual integrations that add on to GFS Selector to create a bespoke solution that’s mapped exactly to your needs. You can add and remove different modules and Connectors to ensure your ordering, parcel labelling, tracking and despatch operations are optimised while providing your customers with a consistent customer experience across your preferred sales channels.

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