Consumer expectations are constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up. However, one thing that remains consistent is that customers want an easy and convenient delivery experience. Effective delivery management can improve your chances of delivering just that, even during times of uncertainty like the Covid19 pandemic which saw parcel traffic increase by 2.6 billion*.

So, what is delivery management and what benefits can it have on your business?

What is delivery management?

Delivery management involves a combination of processes, people and technology that enables you to get a parcel from point A to point B. It includes supervising the different areas of the supply chain, ensuring you are working with the right carriers, and making sure you are using the most efficient technology and processes. The combination of all these things leads to a detailed plan to make sure your delivery is successful. But with consumer expectations so high, delivery management is not just about getting the parcel to the customer, it’s also about giving them a great experience with a variety of delivery options, full tracking and communication, and a quick and efficient overall process.

Who oversees the delivery management process?

Depending on the size and structure of the business, the person that manages the delivery process can have varying roles. However, the job titles are generally along the same lines: logistics, delivery or dispatch manager. Delivery managers are often tasked with managing local delivery and driver operations but in smaller companies, they are usually the middle point of contact between warehouses and whoever is making the delivery.

What are the challenges of delivery management?

Delivery managers can face several challenges when it comes to ensuring an efficient and effective delivery service. Failed deliveries, returned parcels, sudden surges in demand and sales, and completely unpredictable events like the Covid19 pandemic mean that many delivery managers are constantly fighting fires. With a robust delivery management strategy however, businesses can be prepared whatever happens, easily able to scale up or down and react to the unpredictable.

Why is a delivery management system so important for your business?

The reliability and efficiency of your delivery service leaves a lasting impression on the overall customer experience associated with your brand; this is especially true if a consumer is not satisfied with your service. If your business is lacking a strong delivery management process, there is a high risk that you are offering an inconsistence service which could have a detrimental effect on sales and internal operations.

However, by working with an established delivery management company you can begin to see many benefits:

Customer loyalty

  • A good delivery management system will work to identify the best routes and services for your deliveries, ensuring quicker transit times for your customers.
  • Your customers will also be given a choice of delivery options tailored to their address/order for their convenience. This will help to increase sales and reduce the rate of abandoned shopping carts.

Real time data

  • Your delivery management system can give you access to real time data, which means that you are able to track your shipments at all times. This is not only good for business efficiency, but also for your customers.
  • Through knowing where your shipment is you are able to make informative decisions if a parcel is going to be delayed or lost in transit. This will help to avoid customer dissatisfaction and reduce extra operational costs.
  • You can keep your customers informed about the journey of their parcel by sending emails or giving them the tracking number. This will help to reduce the number of customer service enquiries regarding deliveries even if there is a slight delay, as most customers are happy as long as they are aware of any changes.

Business efficiency

  • Delivery management processes can calculate the service for your shipments to ensure an efficient and speedy delivery.
  • All packaging requirements are calculated for you to avoid any possible mistakes, and to help you keep operational costs as low as possible.
  • With many important pieces of information and data required during the delivery process, a delivery management system can work to keep everyone involved up to date. Good supply chain communication is vital to get parcels from the dispatch warehouse to their intended location on time.

Our multi-carrier delivery services give you access to 1000+ services across 220+ locations, all using one system. With just one integration you can get the best carrier rates, support, expert advice and eCommerce software to take all the hassle out of delivery management.

What eCommerce software can improve delivery management?

eCommerce software can make the whole delivery management process much easier by providing easy labelling across different carriers and services, robust tracking and electronic customs data.

Our Enterprise Carrier Management offers a complete technology toolkit that enhances every stage of the delivery journey, from delivery options at the checkout, to labelling, tracking and returns – across all carriers, countries and sales channels – through one single integration. We have every element of your delivery process covered whether you are looking to offer same day delivery, a deliver and collect service, or even weekend deliveries.

Having a strong and supportive delivery management system with everything in one place will help your business strengthen its operational efficiencies, allowing you to work smarter, not harder, and save time and money.

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