How can you reboot EU Sales to grow your business and reach more customers?

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Since Brexit, many businesses have been nervous at the prospect of selling to the EU. With all the rules around compliance, additional paperwork, and rising costs, what once was a simple process has now become a real headache for retailers. In fact, 47% UK businesses have stopped or reduced their trading with the EU since Brexit!

Are you one of those businesses? The good news is, you have plenty of options to make selling into the EU easier!

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1.IOSS – Import One Stop Shop

The EU has launched an electronic portal that provides businesses with an IOSS number for VAT registration across the 27 Member States. This unique number enables businesses to pay all VAT through a single monthly payment, making selling into the EU simple and easy.

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2.DTP – Duties & Taxes paid

The sender is responsible for paying all Duties and Taxes, meaning that your customers will not be affected by any costs. Normally, your carrier will make the payment on your behalf at customs and will later send you an invoice.

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3.DDP – Delivered Duty Paid

DDP should not be confused with DTP, although they both require payments from the sender and not the receiver. DDP demands that the sender is the importer of record. This means that they are fully responsible for ensuring the delivery follows all legal regulations. In some destination countries they will also need to be tax registered.

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4.DAP – Delivered At Place (Formerly DDU – Delivered Duty Unpaid)

Unlike DTP and DDP, DAP expects the receiver to be responsible for any Duties and Taxes. Therefore, in order for your customers to receive their parcel they will first have to pay any applicable charges.

We understand that it can be confusing to work out what path to go down, if there are any hidden clauses, which carriers offer what, and how to best benefit your business.

That’s why GFS is here to help you make sense of all the complicated jargon!

How much simpler would it be if your storage, warehousing, and fulfilment solutions were all based in the EU?

We’ve got you covered…

Introducing GFS Europe!

GFS Europe offers multi-carrier parcel management from the EU across Europe and Rest of the World.

Whether you already fulfil orders from the EU or want to move parts of your supply chain into mainland Europe, GFS can help you continue to sell within the EU hassle-free with cross-border delivery and returns services.

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Institute of Directors, November 2021