Expectation vs Reality for Online Retailers: Are You Meeting the Delivery Benchmark?

Convenience — a word that has become indispensable and non-negotiable for online shoppers.

Take off your professional hat for a minute, and see yourself as a shopper. When you as a regular buyer go shopping online for products, the delivery options you see at checkout can make or break the whole transaction. True or true?

So how are you as an eCommerce or logistics decision maker, making sure your customers can find the delivery options to match their expectations?

Let’s unravel if your business is successfully meeting the crucial delivery benchmark that lay at the heart of customer satisfaction.


78% customers (including 94% of Millennials) are willing to pay extra for premium delivery services such as same-day, next-day or nominated delivery.

Less than 50% of retailers provide nominated delivery (39%). Only 60% of businesses offer express or next-day delivery services.


Two thirds of consumers (66%) would like to see retailers offer a better choice of delivery options at online checkouts. Ideally 5 or more options.

Only a third of businesses offer 5 or more delivery options to customers – the benchmark set by online shoppers.


83% of retailers believe that they offer a wide range of delivery options that meet customer needs.

Less than half (48%) of customers agree that retailers meet their delivery expectations.

Does Your Business Meet the Industry Benchmark and Customer Expectations?

5 Delivery Options are a MUST to meet the Industry Benchmark

Introduce Paid Premium Delivery services at Checkout

Online retailers offering better delivery choice is the key to improving customer satisfaction and reducing cart abandonment

To stay competitive, retailers must prioritise reliability, choice, and speed

“When I joined LK Bennett three and a half years ago they were only offering one standard delivery offering and as a luxury brand that was really out of touch with our competitors. So we have increased Choice over the last few years. We offer next-day delivery, nominated delivery, collect from parcel shop and a concierge service. We’ve definitely seen an increase in checkout success rates as a result of that.”

Zoe Donovan, Digital & Marketing Director, LK Bennett

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