eBook: How to grow global eCommerce sales with delivery

This is the second in a series of 4 practical ‘how to’ guides from industry pioneers GFS, which unlock the secrets to how retailers can leverage delivery to accelerate growth and achieve their ambitions.

We recently partnered with Tamebay to survey over 100 retailers with a turnover of £1m+ to determine where retailers see the opportunities and challenges for global eCommerce over the next 2 years.

In this chapter, we reflect on the results, and offer our expertise and advice for overcoming barriers and maximising the opportunities, so you can grow your business worldwide in spite of Brexit.

Make sure you collect all 4 ‘How To …’ guides to complete your toolkit for growth:

#1 – How to boost customer experience & grow online sales with delivery (available now!)

#2 – How to grow global eCommerce sales with delivery

#3 – How to reduce operational cost & complexity with delivery

#4 – How to grow multi-channel sales with streamlined delivery

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