Click to Kick: The Winning Playbook for Sports eCommerce Deliveries

In the world of sports eCommerce, delivering the winning play requires a strategic approach that goes beyond the final whistle. GFS is here to unveil the ultimate playbook for seamless deliveries, from ‘click to kick’. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a business owner in the game, optimising your eCommerce logistics is crucial to score big.

Q&A with a Sports eCommerce Brand

1. Unified Shipping Solution

The GFS Channel Connector simplifies order management by consolidating multi-channel orders from various websites and marketplaces. Compatible with major marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, it offers benefits like streamlined despatch, improved warehouse efficiencies, flexibility to add new sales channels and ensures that your customers experience a winning delivery every time they order.

2. Carrier Selection

Sports eCommerce is dynamic, and so are the delivery requirements. GFS provides direct access to an extensive network of domestic, international, and specialist carrier partners through a single relationship, empowering you with the flexibility to toggle services on or off as required.

10% Increase in Basket Conversions

3. Real-time Tracking and Visibility

Just like in sports, fans want to follow every move. With GFS Seeker, you and your customers have the ability to track orders at every stage, from kick-off to the final goal. Transparency in the delivery process builds trust and loyalty, turning your customers into true fans of your brand.

4. Shipping Options

Recognising the diverse preferences of your audience, GFS enables you to offer customised delivery options. Whether it’s same-day shipping for last-minute goals or economy shipping for the patient fans, tailor the delivery experience to match the unique needs of your customers.

5. Global Expansion Strategies

Sports knows no borders, and neither should your eCommerce deliveries. GFS supports your global expansion by providing access to an extensive network of international carriers continuously monitored by GFS and adjusted based on performance and cost.

6. Optimised Returns Process

Sometimes plays don’t go as planned — on the field and ‘off the field’. GFS helps you handle returns efficiently with GFS Global Returns Pro, offering a hassle-free returns experience that contributes to the overall satisfaction of your customers, cuts return costs and provides greater visibility.

In the competitive arena of sports eCommerce, every delivery is a chance to make a lasting impression, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right playing partner. GFS is your one-stop shop for all eCommerce delivery and returns, helping you to provide a great customer delivery experience, reduce cart abandonment and open international markets.

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