Scaling Fulfilment & Delivery for Multi-Channel Global Growth

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In a time where eCommerce businesses are expanding rapidly at a multi-channel, multi-market level globally, how are Operations Managers faring to scale their fulfilment and delivery strategy to support business growth?

And how can they simultaneously achieve the speed, accuracy, and flexibility today’s end customers expect from a best-in-class online shopping experience – no matter which channel or part of the globe they are buying from?

In the current climate of rising uncertainty and change, it has never been harder to forecast accurately, manage budgets, and keep pace with the ever-changing rules in cross-border shipping.

In order to succeed, today’s Operations Manager needs a flexible yet scalable mix of technology, physical services and reliable expertise to optimise fulfilment and delivery -in order to protect performance and the customer experience, from checkout to doorstep.

Watch this 45-minute webinar where we identify the critical risks and challenges facing today’s eCommerce operations. More importantly, we demonstrate how you can overcome these with the seamless integration of technology and physical services for a flexible, resilient and scalable eCommerce fulfilment and delivery solution.

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We Address the Current Challenges…

  • Top 3 challenges and risks impacting eCommerce fulfilment & delivery today?

  • Re-thinking fulfilment and delivery – what do you need to succeed?

  • LIVE DEMO: we walk you through the order journey across: (1) Checkout – multi-carrier delivery options, duties, and taxes; (2) Multi-channel order management – pick, pack, despatch; (3) Multi-carrier labelling and (4) Customs compliance – paperless trade

Who Should Watch?

  • eCommerce Operations Managers responsible for fulfilment & delivery

  • Retailers shipping av. 75+ orders per day

GFS and Mintsoft bring together a fully API integrated, seamless solution for multi-channel, multi-carrier, multi-market fulfilment and delivery across the globe. The service offers robust, scalable, flexible, easy-to-manage local and cross-border order management and shipping solutions and gives you 1000+ delivery and returns services, as well as GFS Enterprise Carrier Management suite (ECM) for multi-carrier labelling, despatch, tracking and reporting at competitive rates. A one-stop-shop solution with a single integration to upgrade delivery performance, achieve metrics, and control costs with flexibility, scalability, simplicity and confidence.

Our Experts

Bobbie Ttooulis

Luke Owens

About GFS

GFS is UK’s first and largest provider of managed multi-carrier services, technology, and expertise for the eCommerce industry, and available for integration on the Mintsoft platform. GFS is the chosen global delivery partner of some of the largest and fastest growing eCommerce brands such as Mamas & Papas, Dune, etc.

With 1000+ carrier services, we make multi-carrier delivery simple by providing an all-inclusive solution to manage multi-carrier services and multi-carrier technology, backed by GFS expertise and proactive support. With more than 30 million parcels under our care each year, our influence means we can provide impartial expertise and contingency when you need it.

About Mintsoft

Access Mintsoft is an Order Management System (OMS) which supports warehouses and online retailers who are looking to scale their business and deliver a more responsive and consistent service to customers.

The easy-to-use, cloud-based platform is full of excellent features and benefits that automate time consuming tasks associated with picking, packing and shipping orders. With more than 150 pre-built integrations, Mintsoft allows users to manage all channels and systems used to run their e-commerce or fulfillment business from one centralised platform.

Designed, built and supported by experts from e-commerce, logistics and warehouse management industries, Mintsoft supports the operations of more than 600 businesses worldwide.