Webinar with IMRG: Building a Checklist to cover all Brexit scenarios

‘A horrible ending or an unending horror’ – maybe it doesn’t have to be either…

All conceivable Brexit options remain on the table. Whatever the outcome of our intended departure though, there is a lack of clarity on the impact on trading with the EU – but what is certain is that borderless trade with the EU is likely to come to an end.

Join IMRG and GFS in a follow up to our recent Data Breakfast debate, as we consider what contingencies you can be putting in place to protect existing EU revenues by ensuring continuity of trade as well as open the gateway to international eCommerce growth – at the same time.

What will I learn?

This webinar focusses on the key areas you should be considering right now to end uncertainty and build your internal checklist for turning the major changes coming for UK businesses into an opportunity for international expansion:

  • Required systems changes for order fulfilment
  • Steps to protect the customer service promise and your brand
  • Continuity of delivery and returns performance
  • Setting the groundwork for future international expansion


Selling to the EU just got easier and cheaper…

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