Coffee Conversations with GFS

You’re welcome to a coffee conversation where industry experts delve into crucial aspects of retail performance during Peak 2023 and the upcoming eCommerce landscape for 2024.

Summing Up Peak 2023

Did retailers hit forecasts?

Shopper behaviour insights – online vs. offline, spending shifts.

Peek into 2024

Dissecting the challenges of the macro-economy impact on shopping behaviour — what are the top priorities for customers?

Crystal Ball View of 2024

The 3 megatrends that have the power to transform eCommerce

If you are a key decision maker for retail and parcels in eCommerce or Logistics, stay ahead of the curve with these valuable insights into the industry’s performance and prepare for the eCommerce landscape of 2024.

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About GFS

GFS is the UK’s first and largest provider of managed multi-carrier services, technology, and expertise for the eCommerce industry. GFS is the chosen global delivery partner of some of the largest and fastest-growing eCommerce brands, such as Mamas & Papas, Dune, LK Bennett, etc.

With 1000+ carrier services, we make multi-carrier delivery simple by providing an all-inclusive solution to manage multi-carrier services and technology, backed by GFS expertise and proactive support. With more than 30 million parcels under our care each year, our influence means we can provide impartial expertise and contingency when you need it.