Track and Trace your parcels with GFS

Multi-carrier tracking portal, GFS Seeker, enables you to view and track every parcel you send in one place, giving you maximum visibility and control of your shipments. Whether you use 2 carriers or 10, send parcels within the UK or around the world, GFS Seeker gives you an open view of all your consignments, both past and present. See the data you need anytime on the web-based portal, with the entire tracking history of every order, filtering by exact dates, specific carriers, postcodes or more.

Multi-carrier shipping solutions

Multi-carrier shipping offers a multitude of benefits, but visiting each carrier’s tracking page can be painful and time-consuming. GFS Seeker creates a central hub where you can view all your shipments in one place, streamlining the process and saving time, while ensuring all your parcels are on track to be delivered to your customers on time.

The addition of GFS Actions Manager gives you the power to swiftly respond to parcel queries identified by GFS, so our Customer Care team can action and resolve exceptions quickly and efficiently.

GFS – Experts in bringing together logistics management and technology

GFS’ strong carrier relationships make your parcels a priority. We work constantly with our carriers to ensure you get the best possible service from them and from us.

We want to make delivery as simple as possible, which is why we are constantly expanding and developing our products and services to meet your needs – when you shout we listen.

GFS Seeker is the product of our dedication to providing pro-active support and saving you time and effort, enabling you the independence and control to manage delivery your way.

GFS deliver benefits

By consolidating your shipping and tracking through GFS Seeker, you can utilise your shipping data to maximum effect with additional benefits including:

Advanced scheduled reports

So you and your team can stay in the loop, and see shipments in transit, delivery attempts and any outstanding parcel queries.

Claims management

Raise claims for lost or damaged parcels and track the progress so you don’t lose out.

Book collections

Book ad hoc carrier collections as and when you need them.

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