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Deliver a seamless customer experience

GFS Technology is the engine that powers fast and efficient despatch to connect the dots for a seamless customer experience. The GFS Technology toolkit supports your carrier services through the entire parcel journey, from delivery options at the checkout, to labelling, tracking and reporting.

Boost productivity while reducing complexities

Each smart technology product is designed to give you maximum productivity and visibility of your operation, to remove complexity and save you time and money.

Looking for a simple, single integration to streamline multi-channel and multi-carrier despatch for your business?

Download our infographic and learn about maximising shipping efficiency through GFS Technology.

Technology solutions that transform delivery

Our suite of technology solutions helps ease the pain points that come with managing multiple carriers and services, automating processes to streamline despatch operations, freeing valuable man hours and reducing manual errors.

This is enhanced by advanced data capture and reporting to help you to continually review and improve your delivery strategy and maximise your business development and growth.

GFS software developers

The GFS Technology toolkit

GFS Checkout

GFS Checkout

Give your customers better delivery choice and reduce cart abandonment with delivery options plugin GFS Checkout. Using intelligent shipping rules, GFS Checkout presents personalised delivery options at the checkout – maximising the customer experience and winning you sales.

GFS Selector & Expert

Agile despatch platform, GFS Selector, optimises and streamlines your despatch operation offering carrier compliant label printing at a rate of up to 50,000 labels an hour, with automated parcel routing. This helps you get your orders out the door fast with full traceability, and ensures you send every parcel with the most suitable and economical carrier service.

GFS Seeker

Multi-carrier tracking portal GFS Seeker provides maximum transparency and control of your shipments. Track every parcel you send in one place and raise queries for our pro-active parcel tracking team to action with built-in Actions Manager.

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GFS Channel Connector

GFS Channel Connector pulls orders from your various sales channels and extracts tracking data from GFS Selector, automatically return tracking information to your customers, no matter which sales channel they buy from. This untangles the complex flow of orders from multiple sales channels, connecting them together to unify the despatch and delivery experience.

GFS Reportor

Your own delivery dashboard that gives you a holistic view of all your shipping data, including parcel volumes, distribution across carriers, geographical locations, carrier performance and queries resolved.

GFS Manager

GFS Manager is the next major step in delivering exceptional customer experience. Designed specifically for companies with customer service teams handling parcel issues, GFS Manager empowers the team to pro-actively manage parcel exceptions quickly and effectively through direct contact with carriers and consignees, to reduce inbound customer queries and exceed consumer expectations.

GFS Validator

GFS Validator provides automated invoice analysis that evaluates charges in comparison to expected costs. The software highlights any incorrect charges, anomalies and unexpected surcharges against your agreed tariffs to ensure you never spend more than you should.

GFS: Parcel management specialists

Technology is at the heart of what we do. We continually innovate and develop new solutions to meet the needs of fast growing businesses, and stay at the forefront of the industry. As the inventors of GFS Technology software, all our solutions are built and maintained in-house by our dedicated team of developers and IT support. Our experience in the parcel and eCommerce industries means we know the challenges you face as a business and design robust, progressive technology that assists you at every stage of your business growth.

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