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Canary7 have combined years of experience working with warehouse managers and business owners with their own expertise in software development and cloud technology to provide their customers with a warehouse management tool that is continually improving to meet new kinds of pressures put on warehouse operations from the ever-evolving supply chain.

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About Canary7

Warehouse managers are continuously challenged with increasing productivity and employee efficiency to fulfill and ship more merchandise without increasing cost. Canary7’s best-of-breed Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to streamline your warehouse operations by optimizing the use of staff, inventory, order management, picking and putaway, shipping and returns.

It is quick and easy to implement, your team will have 24/7 access to warehousing experts, and our onboarding team will be out on your site to provide full training of the software. Agile monthly development sprints allow Canary 7 to respond quickly and smoothly to changing warehouse requirements. All clients will have access to these new features every month, without any upgrade costs.

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Type of integration:

  • GFS API Integration

Combine Canary7 with GFS…

Integrate with GFS to access 1000+ delivery and returns services, as well as our end-to-end Enterprise Carrier Management suite (ECM) for multi-carrier labelling, despatch, tracking and reporting.

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