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Break down borders and grow global sales

GFS International eCommerce Services take the hassle out of delivery so you can easily access new markets and reach shoppers anywhere in the world – with less risk, cost and effort.

GFS International connects you to the best local final-mile carriers in each country based on efficiency and service, so you can give customers the same first-class delivery experience whether they live in France or New Zealand.

All your eCommerce delivery needs covered in 3 simple options with proactive GFS support – to 220+ destinations:

GFS eCommerce Express

Fastest possible transit by air

Next Day service to USA

Pro-active delivery notifications

Highly detailed tracking and signature on delivery

Paperless trade

GFS eCommerce Plus

Courier delivery solution; faster than postal, cheaper than express

Fully tracked door-to-door

Proactive exception management

Paperless trade

No fuel surcharge

GFS eCommerce Economy

Perfect for low-value or lightweight goods

Flexible pricing per 100g

Checkpoint delivery scans

No volumetric charging

No fuel surcharge

GFS Masterclass events

Attend one of our Masterclasses: International expansion in the face of Brexit

PLUS value-add technology and support:

  • GFS Technology for online checkout with taxes and duties calculator, plus worldwide carrier labelling and parcel tracking
  • GFS Account Manager for dedicated support and expertise
  • GFS Customer Care team for pro-active parcel tracking and carrier management

GFS is partnered with leading local carriers to provide the best in-country delivery services for packets and parcels across Europe and the Rest of the World. Our team of parcel experts are experienced in the complexity and demands of international shipping, including local taxes and duties.

You can view a full list of destinations and transit times here.

Experience the benefits of GFS International eCommerce Services:

GFS International eCommerce services give you access to speedy, cost-effective worldwide shipping to open up global sales opportunities with a competitive advantage. Competitive pricing helps businesses save money, and gives smaller businesses the lift they need to kick start international sales.

By simplifying international shipping, GFS International helps sellers to connect to more shoppers around the world to boost sales and increase revenue.

Top 10 eCommerce markets:

1. China


3. UK

4. Japan

5. Germany

6. France

7. South Korea

8. Canada

9. Russia

10. Brazil

Total eCommerce sales worldwide expected to reach $4.48 trillion by 2021

(Statista, 2017)

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