Managing the Omnichannel Customer Experience

To stay competitive in this ever-changing market, it is important to have a strong presence — you need to get your business in front of potential customers to be seen. Having multiple channels where you can establish a connection between your brand and audience works as an effective way to increase conversions because the more touchpoints a customer experiences, the more they get to know your brand and a relationship can form.

What exactly is an Omnichannel customer experience?

Providing an omnichannel customer experience requires your business to function across multiple channels whilst still maintaining the same goal and working together as a whole. These channels can include both online and offline, for example social media and chatbots, as well as physical stores.

An omnichannel approach creates a seamless customer journey that allows your customers to interact and engage with your brand at every touchpoint, giving them the power of choice and allowing them to move freely from one channel to another.

The benefits of the omnichannel approach

While we know that this approach helps convert an interested audience into a paying customer, but did you know that omnichannel consumers spend around 4% more in stores and 10% more online than single-channel customers? Plus, for every additional channel, the consumption percentage increases further! [1]

Important Orders from all Sales Channels 

Here are 5 ways this is achieved:

  1. Personalised experience: customers can connect with your brand in real-time wherever they are, through online chatbots and social media, allowing them to gain a tailored experience that answers their personal needs and demands.
  2. Data collection: having a presence on multiple channels means that your business will have access to insights that inform you on your audience’s behaviour, demographics, and more. This valuable data allows you to better understand your customer and their needs so that you can provide the best service possible.
  3. Increased visibility: your entire audience will never be in one place. So by offering a number of different channels you can increase your reach and attract a wider number of customers.
  4. Customer convenience: in this dynamic world your customers value convenience, and by offering several integrated channels that give them direct access to your brand this can be achieved.
  5. Loyalty: high customer retention usually demonstrates that your business is doing something right, and with so many similar products on the market, it usually has to do with the experience you provide. Offering a seamless omnichannel approach enables you to create stress-free customer service that is easily accessible and personalised to their needs.

Is eCommerce delivery part of the omnichannel experience?

Of course it is! Delivery continues have increased weightage in a customer’s purchase journey with the convenience of accessing their purchase at a time and point most convenient to them, in a safe and efficient style.

Multi-carrier parcel management made simple 

GFS Multi-Carrier Shipping

GFS can help you consolidate your multi-carrier shipping into a consistent experience your customers are happy from the beginning of the sales funnel to the very end.

GFS Channel Connector imports orders from all your sales channels to create a single flow of order traffic through a single despatch platform, GFS Selector.

Business Benefits

What does that mean for you?

  • Streamline multi-channel despatch to simplify order fulfilment

  • Boost warehouse efficiencies for faster order processing

  • Create a consistent customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

  • Easily add new sales channels to enable sales growth

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