International Trade News for April 2024

International Trade News for April 2024:

Proposed New Packaging Rules for the EU: For Safety & Sustainability

The European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on new packaging rules to enhance safety and sustainability in the EU. Targets include reducing packaging by 15% by 2040, banning certain single-use plastics by 2030, and prohibiting “forever chemicals” in food contact packaging. The agreement also promotes reuse and recycling, with targets set for reusable beverage packaging and increased recyclability requirements. Formal approval is pending from Parliament and Council before implementation.

Italian eCommerce Flourishes in 2023

Italian eCommerce surged in 2023, reaching a staggering €80.6 billion, marking a 27.14% increase from the previous year. Data from the “Ecommerce in Italia” report by Casaleggio Associati reveals a robust growth trend, with online stores averaging a nearly 29% turnover boost (expected growth was 17.26%). Marketplaces spearheaded the surge, witnessing a remarkable 55% increase, generating €14.5 billion in sales.


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