Free Delivery Consultation

A Complete Review of your Delivery Operations by Experts

Offer Valid Only Until Wednesday, 31st August*

GFS is offering you a full onsite review of your multi-carrier delivery approach and current operations.

This is a no-obligation offer so we can use our expertise of 20+ years to help you identify:

  • Where are the gaps?

  • What are the missed opportunities to optimise delivery performance?

  • How can you reduce cost & risk, simplify multi-carrier management, and improve customer satisfaction?


Your Tailored Delivery Consultation Includes:

  • A detailed “Findings & Recommendations Report”

  • An assessment of your current Shipping profile, IT, packaging, freight presentation, collections, delivery, support, etc.

  • Onsite consultation with a GFS expert on how to:

    • Optimise carrier mix and cost
    • Increase delivery satisfaction
    • Reduce multi-carrier overhead
    • Protect budget
    • Mitigate risk
    • Simplify cross-border, multi-channel expansion

* Terms & Conditions

  • You must complete the request form before Wednesday, 31st  August 2022
  • Your organisation must ship an average of 75+ parcels per night to be eligible for the audit
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
  • Is limited to one per company, and cannot be transferred