4 ways to cut your eCommerce business shipping costs

For eCommerce businesses, shipping costs can significantly lower profit margins, and unfortunately for many smaller businesses it is becoming a tighter squeeze. If you are not one of the big players, such as Amazon, you miss out on getting discounted shipping costs with large carriage purchase, and are also unable to pass on any cost benefit or offer your customers all of the shipping options that they look for. Nevertheless, whether you are a big or small company, trying to reduce shipping costs is at forefront of everyone’s minds.

GFS is an expert in managed multi-carrier eCommerce delivery, and we want to share our top 4 tips to cut your shipping costs:

1.The ‘Cheat code’ to shipping rate discount — no matter your size

How can your business get discounted shipping rates like the big eCommerce businesses? By joining forces with a multi-carrier partner like GFS, you are able to get all of the perks! As one of the biggest buyers of carriage in the UK, our buying power enables us to pass on savings to you.

Make Multi-Carrier Shipping Simple

Tracking history for all parcels worldwide

2. ‘Track and Trace’ of the parcel world

Missing parcels, or even delayed parcels, cause issues for both your business and customers. Your business will lose money on the lost product and potentially miss out on any repeat purchases due to a loss of trust from your customer. To avoid anything going wrong with your package’s journey, all our services are fully managed by our proactive Customer Care team, who use their expertise to identify and resolve delivery issues before they impact your customer, ensuring a seamless delivery experience for every. single. parcel.

3. Save time, save money: Hello, Automation!

Operating your deliveries through automation will make it most seamless and efficient, saving you money AND time. The extra time can be channeled productively to grow and improve other business operations. Start slow — one process to definitely automate is your labeling and despatch, and through GFS Selector you can do just that! Our fast, robust, and scalable platform gives you access to over 1000 different delivery services, sales channels, and countries.

Automated parcel labeling for 1000+ carrier services 

Purpose-built warehouse and tailored storage solutions

4. The power of outsourcing

Outsourcing your fulfilment to a UK fulfilment service can save your business time, money, and space. Everything from inventory storage and packaging, to labelling and despatching your parcels is all done for you, freeing up your resources to focus on growing sales and increasing turnover.

Welcome to a new era in shipping technology!

We want to help you raise your game with increased competitiveness and grow into a strong market leader within the industry. Our Enterprise Carrier Management platform offers a complete shipping software toolkit that enhances every stage of the delivery journey, from delivery options at the checkout, to labelling, tracking and reporting, and returns – across all carriers, countries, and sales channels – through one single integration.

We have designed our software to provide you with everything you need to operate at full efficiency! It all works alongside our managed multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions so you can take eCommerce delivery for your customers to the next level!